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MLW Fusion recap & reactions: Von Erichs show the claw is mightier than the chain

MLW Fusion featured clobbering time for Mil Muertes and the Von Erichs battling Team Filthy in the promotion’s first-ever chain ropes match in episode 126.

Let’s break down the show.

A promo from the Contra Unit’s Josef Samael opened the show. Injustice infidels have talked about rising up against Contra week after week. They showed how pathetic they are last week. Samael can smell the fear. At next week’s Never Say Never, Contra will unleash a campaign of horrors unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Samael focused on Calvin Tankman’s boisterous ideas of taking the MLW World Heavyweight Championship from Jacob Fatu by any means necessary. That’s what they all say before they meet their execution. Samael calls it the euphoria before death. There will be no escaping Tankman’s public execution next week. First, Tankman has to survive against the Sentai Death Squad.

Gino Medina vs Zenshi

Zenshi was too quick and slick for Medina early on. El Intocable exited the ring to regroup. He turned the tide by countering a flying Zenshi with knees to the gut. Medina tried to remove Zenshi’s mask, since he viewed it as an insult to lucha libre. Zenshi popped Medina with a Pele kick, handspring crossbody, and slingshot twisting senton.

Medina survived and went back to mask tactics. On a roll-up by Medina, he fiddled with Zenshi’s headwear. Zenshi escaped the pin. As he fixed his mask, Medina attacked with a head kick. That put Zenshi down for the three count at 7:13.

Alicia Atout had breaking news about the main event. Tom Lawlor was claiming injury and may not compete. MLW teased card subject to change.

Myron Reed was on top of the world with the MLW World Middleweight Championship. A dose of reality hit with the loss to Lio Rush. Before Reed could process everything that night, Contra jumped him. Reed is focusing on Daivari to give him that smoke at Never Say Never.

Mil Muertes vs Gringo Loco

Gringo Loco laid in chops to no reaction from Mil Muertes. Salina de la Renta cackled with laughter at ringside. Gringo dipped and flipped to avoid a big chop, but Muertes waited out the jiving to explode for a spear with ground and pound.

Muertes put Gringo through a full pummel session inside and outside the ring. Gringo came alive with a flying senton and a low cutter, but Muertes kicked out at 1. Muertes want back on the attack with a chokeslam and a powerslam. Gringo tried to rally with a flying attack, however, Muertes caught him for a flatliner to win at 7:30.

Alexander Hammerstone is sick of questions about losing the MLW National Openweight Championship. He has spent over a year making it a prestigious title, then Muertes just took it. The masked man is a phony and a fraud by posting photos with the belt on social media. Hammer threw out the challenge for a match on April 14. Muertes can have his chance to prove himself by officially winning gold.

Atout informed us that Lawlor has an injured bicep and is not cleared to compete. The match will still be on with the Von Erichs versus Violence is Forever. (ACH was pulled as well.)

Calvin Tankman has a can’t quit attitude. He is motivated by taking care of his family and young daughter. Tankman will defeat Jacob Fatu to win the MLW World Heavyweight Championship at Never Say Never.

PWI Top 5 tag team: 5. Dirty Blondes, 4. Simon Gotch & Daivari, 4. Injustice, 3. Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku, 1. Von Erichs, Champs: LA Park & Hijo de LA Park.

Bu Ku Dao will be out 2 to 3 weeks due to injury from TJP’s backstage ambush. TJP has been suspended and fined $2,500.

Zao vs Calvin Tankman

Zao represented Contra as a Sentai Death Squad solider. Fisticuffs were exchanged in the center of the ring. Tankman took charge with a shoulder tackle and a spinebuster. A ferocious backfist planted Zao for victory at 1:02.

After the match, Daivari, Simon Gotch, and Jacob Fatu came to collect. Tankman took it to them with a plancha over the ropes. Injustice ran in to even the odds. Tankman stood tall after a sitdown piledriver to Daivari.

The Von Erichs were frustrated at Lawlor’s injury and cowardice. They will redirect that energy to beating Violence is Forever. The Von Erich boys were rowdy and fired up.

Salina informed the paparazzi that she signed on the dotted line for Mil Muertes to accept Hammerstone’s challenge. The Azteca Underground security guard cut in to speak with Salina. El Jefe is not happy and wants to meet.

Lawlor was confident that Garrini and Ku will win. He envisions them using the steel chains to break the Von Erich claw hand then choke them unconscious. The Von Erichs will pay for their transgressions.

Chain Rope Match: Von Erichs vs Violence is Forever

Tom Lawlor was ringside with his arm in a sling to support his steeds. The ring ropes were replaced with steel chain. The match kicked off as a brawl right from the opening bell. The Von Erichs reversed an Irish whip to send Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku crashing into the chains. Lawlor distracted the Von Erichs so his team could get payback. Lawlor then choked Marshall with the chain as Garrini occupied the referee’s vision.

Marshall rallied with explosive clotheslines and slammed Ku onto Garrini. Marshall threw a knee, but Garrini caught him for a heel hook. Ku grabbed Ross’ neck for a guillotine choke. Ross was able to break both submissions by slamming Ku onto the pile. Back to more brawling.

Marshall was briefly taken out with an atomic drop onto the chains. Violence is Forever worked over Ross with a GTS followed by a snap dragon suplex.

Ross showed heart by kicking out on the double cover. Filthy Tom brought out brass knuckles to ensure victory, however, his plan backfired an on errant throw. Lawlor tossed the foreign object too high, and Marshall snatched it from the air. He punched Ku into oblivion and clawed Garrini’s skull. A teamwork claw slam earned the win for the Von Erichs at 7:40.

The show closed with a hype package for Never Say Never on March 31.

Chalk one up for the good guys. The Von Erichs were able to get a modicum of revenge on Team Filthy, even though, Tom Lawlor remains unscathed by their hand. The claw is coming for Lawlor, and it is only a matter of time. The chain rope match worked well enough for the concept and length of contest. It provided thrills, chills, and spills. Someone get an ice pack for Marshall’s nads.

Gino Medina is starting to grow on me in the ring. I was extremely underwhelmed with his work prior to the pandemic. His last few matches have been entertaining though. I’m not saying I want to root for him as a fan, but he’s starting to make me pay attention to his segments. Zenshi continues to be high-octane and creative in a fun way.

The two hefty fights achieved the goal of delivering a showcase for Mil Muertes and Calvin Tankman to look unstoppable. My anticipation is high for Muertes versus Alexander Hammerstone and Tankman versus Jacob Fatu. I hope the winners face off to make this an informal tournament of hosstastic proportions.

Show-stealer honors goes to Josef Samael for his promo to kick off the program. He has a perfect way with words to lead Contra as a group of badasses. Samael is asking us to believe in the premise of an international cabal trying to take over a wrestling promotion. His delivery is so full of passion that I never doubt the concept no matter how outlandish.

Share you thoughts on MLW Fusion. Which match or moment stole the show?

MLW Fusion posts on YouTube Wednesday nights at 7 pm ET, streams on Fubo Sports Network Friday nights at 7 pm ET and 10 pm ET, and airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 10 pm ET. You can also check out MLW on DAZN, Roku, and Pluto. In addition, MLW is broadcast in over 20 countries.

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