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CMLL Copa Jr. VIP results: Crazy highlights for Volador Jr. vs Bandido, no Andrade

CMLL returned to the monthly PPV format last night (Mar. 26, 2021) with the Copa Jr. VIP tournament. The event also featured a passing of the torch in the trios division and Volador Jr. defending the NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship against Bandido in a barn burner. There was also the question of whether or not Andrade would return to CMLL in his first appearance post-WWE.

After Andrade’s abrupt release from WWE, CMLL became a front runner to acquire his services for at least a special nostalgic shot. Andrade debuted in CMLL in 2007 as Brillante then transitioned to the mask of La Sombra. He won numerous tournaments and titles before his departure to WWE in 2015. La Sombra’s lasting legacy in CMLL is as a founding member of Los Ingobernables faction with Rush and La Mascara. With the news that Andrade was free and clear to sign without a non-compete clause, CMLL’s PPV event seemed like a possible landing spot to tease future moves with the company.

So, did Andrade make an appearance in CMLL last night? No. He did not.

No Andrade, no problem. Volador Jr. and Bandido were ready to light up the main event with the NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship on the line. This matchup was a long time coming. It had been canceled three times already due to COVID issues. Bandido wasn’t messing around now that the time had finally come. For his big shot, he brought out a rifle.

The contest had a high-octane pace for 30 minutes. Bandido stole the first fall by countering a powerbomb into a roll-up. A suicide dive from Volador knocked Bandido backward folding over the security barrier. Volador followed with a backcracker to even the score in the second fall.

The deciding fall went back and forth with a tope con hilo tit for tat. The insane athleticism continued with dope moves, such as a creative exchange of Mexican Destroyers. Bandido was close to victory by hitting his 21-plex finisher, but Volador was able to stay alive. Volador nailed a reverse Frankensteiner on Bandido. Kick out by Bandido. A springboard Spanish Fly from Bandido was the next mighty move. Kick out by Volador. In the end, Volador was able to secure victory with a headscissors head spike. Volador retained his belt to continue a run of 965 days and counting.

Reviews of the contest have been very positive. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to seek out the match. CMLL only offered it as a live PPV through Ticketmaster Live. The official highlight video may be the best you’ll get to enjoy the flashy moves.

An upset victory in the trios division saw the CMLL World Trios Championship change hands. Los Guerreros Laguneros (Ultimo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero, & Euphoria) came in as champs, but Nueva Generacion Dinamita (Cuatrero, Forastero, & Sanson) exited with the gold.

Dinamita won the first fall with an upside down bear hug submission and a pin from a ramp-running springboard shotgun dropkick. Los Guerreros rallied with a triple submission to take the second fall. The youngsters used a veteran trick to triumph in the final act. Ultimo Guerrero trapped Sanson in an octopus submission. With Euphoria and Gran Guerrero incapacitated on the outside, Cuatrero and Forastero ran in to roll over the position so Sanson could hook a pin on top.

That victory by Dinamita ended Los Guerreros’ reign at 911 days. Dinamita are the new trios kingpins in CMLL. They also own the Mexican National Trios Championship for 1,340 days and counting and the Occidente Trios Championship for 1,972 days and counting. To make matters worse for Los Guerreros, Euphoria left the group after the match.

The Copa Jr. VIP was a 12-luchador contest. Mephisto, Felino, Star Jr., Stuka Jr., Soberano Jr., Dragon Rojo Jr., Felino Jr., Atlantis Jr., Mistico, Caristico, Negro Casas, and Angel de Oro competed in the torneo cibernetico elimination format. The final duel came down to Caristico and Angel de Oro. Angel embraced his newly discovered rudo side to surprise Caristico with the tecnico’s signature whirling armbar finisher. Caristico tapped out, and Angel raised the trophy cup in glory.

In the opener, Jarochita & Lluvia battled Stephanie Vaquer & Dalys. Jarochita & Lluvia are the Mexican National Women’s Tag Team Champions, but this was a non-title contest. The champs prevailed in the third fall with nifty teamwork. Lluvia submitted Dalys with a straitjacket camel clutch while Jarochita locked Dalys’ legs as she suplexed Vaquer for the pin on a bridging fisherman’s.

Based on the highlights, this looked like an interesting show. Volador and Bandido stepped up their games to the elite level. A long trios championship reign ended. Torneo ciberneticos are always fun. The women had some sweet teamwork action to set the tone.