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MLW Fusion recap & reactions: LA Park is a master of the spear

MLW Fusion featured two championship bouts and a hoss fight for episode 125. Lio Rush defended the middleweight strap against a mystery opponent, Mil Muertes and Parrow engaged in a slugfest, and Los Parks used every trick in the book to defend the tag belts.

Let’s break down the show.

The broadcast opened with an outdoor fist fight between Contra and Injustice. Los Parks ran in to attack Contra. Everyone ran away before the cops arrived.

The mystery man to sign Rush’s open contract was revealed to be Brian Pillman Jr. Lio Rush claims to be an authentic act, while he views Pillman as a cosplay clown. Pillman will find out that Rush is the real deal.

MLW World Middleweight Championship: Lio Rush vs Brian Pillman Jr.

Pillman used his 60-pound weight advantage to control Rush with shoulder tackles. Rush came back with speed to create space for a flying headscissors. The action spilled to the floor with Rush hitting a springboard moonsault. Back in the ring, Rush flattened out Pillman on the mat then unloaded forearm blows. Pillman began to rise, so Rush blasted several kicks to Pillman’s chest. Pillman ate the pain to fire up for a powerslam.

Pillman worked over Rush with clothelines. Rush was able to escape a suplex attempt to land a corkscrew kick to the head. Rush climbed the corner, but Pillman rushed in with an uppercut then showed explosive athleticism to leap up for a superplex.

The wear and tear had taken its toll, and Pillman wasn’t able to achieve a swift cover. Pillman rose, then Rush rolled. The champ exploded for a bottom-rope springboard stunner. A frog splash earned the win as Rush retained his title at 9:16. The champ stepped on Pillman’s stomach en route to collecting his gold.

Alicia Atout broke news that Contra was added to the tag title main event to become a no DQ triple threat with Los Parks and Injustice.

Alexander Hammerstone has been forced to play games since his return. First with Contra and now with Salina de la Renta’s goons. Mil Muertes may have stolen Hammer’s championship, but that doesn’t make Mil a champ. Hammerstone challenged Mil to take the belt from him in a match.

The Von Erichs have had enough of Tom Lawlor. Marshall is going to wring Team Filthy’s necks. Don’t piss off a Texan. Bottom line is that they will be fighting. Name the time and place.

Salina de la Renta is delighted by the pain Mil Muertes inflicted on Hammerstone. El Jefe has demanded glorious violence for the Believers. Now, we will watch Mil unleash brutality on Parrow. Parrow will beg to stop the pain until he gives up his own soul.

PWI Top 10: 10. Jordan Oliver, 9. Gino Medina, 8. Myron Reed, 7. Richard Holliday, 6. Mads Krugger, 5. Calvin Tankman, 4. Mil Muertes, 3. Low Ki, 2. Tom Lawlor, 1. Alexander Hammerstone, Champ: Jacob Fatu.

Parrow vs Mil Muertes

Let’s hoss fight! After a shoulder tackle stalemate, Parrow unloaded right hands. Muertes ran the ropes to duck a clothesline and attack with a low dropkick. A DDT put Parrow down for furious ground and pound by Muertes. Parrow dug deep to rally with a full nelson slam and a running senton.

Back to big man fisticuffs. Muertes ran the ropes into a punch. Parrow ran the ropes into a powerslam.

In the end, Parrow was overzealous on a clubbering clothesline. Muertes ducked, so Parrow crashed into the corner. The momentum from impact carried him into a Flatliner for Muertes to win at 4:19.

During the bout, backstage cameras caught view of Bu Ku Dao unconscious on the floor. Atout provided an update that his bout versus TJP is likely to be postponed. It had originally been scheduled for this episode. A second update later in the broadcast stated the Dao has been transported to the hospital and TJP has been suspended indefinitely.

Never Say Never announced Jordan Oliver versus Simon Gotch and Myron Reed versus Daivari in addition to the main event of Jacob Fatu defending the MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Calvin Tankman on March 31.

Mads Krugger had a message for Hammerstone. I couldn’t understand Krugger’s modulated voice. I think the gist was that Krugger will continue to torment Hammerman.

Tom Lawlor normally gets pissed just thinking about the Von Erichs, but he is amazed at their stupidity to let him pick the stipulation. It will be Team Filthy versus the Von Erichs and ACH in a chain ropes match next week.

Next week’s Fusion will also feature Mil Muertes versus Gringo Loco.

MLW World Tag Team Championship: Los Parks vs Injustice vs Contra Unit

Simon Gotch and Daivari made use of the no DQ rules to bring a kendo stick when fighting Injustice before Los Parks made their entrance. LA Park wielded a chair to run wild and strut.

Chaotic violence erupted with foreign objects all around. LA Park Jr. came out from under the ring to join the fun. That numbers advantage allowed Los Parks to control the flow for much of the contest. Injustice was able to pick up steam when Myron Reed leaped for a plancha. The other four participants caught Reed, so Oliver followed with another plancha to knock everyone down.

In the ring, Contra crushed Oliver with a spike piledriver. Hijo de LA Park made the save to whack Daivari with a pizza tin. Hijo then took out Gotch with a suicide dive. In all the commotion, Papa Park crouched low to explode for a spear. He pinned Oliver at 8:45 to retain the tag titles.

Episode 125 of MLW Fusion was bonkers from start to finish. It opened with a street brawl and closed with a ring brawl. The vibe of unpredictable chaos was maintained throughout for a funky good time.

With three very different matches, I’m picking the hoss fight as my favorite. It was beefy, sweaty, and physical. Mil Muertes and Parrow went to town. The match was on the short side, but the action never ceased. I hope MLW keeps lining hosses up for Mil to knock down. I don’t know if Gringo Loco should be considered a hoss, but that should be an interesting clash next week.

Lio Rush’s middleweight title defense against Brian Pillman Jr. was a nice display of strategy. Pillman was clearly the larger man and used that to his advantage early. I like how Rush changed tactics in using his speed to attack in all directions. Rush is going to be tough to dethrone. He has everything it takes to be a long reigning champ. Pillman did well stepping up to the challenge. That was one of his better matches that I recall viewing. His explosive leap for the superplex was awesome. If you recognized Pillman’s tights, they belonged to his father.

The tag team triple threat was the kind where you throw your hands in the air and just accept the disorder. The closing moves weren’t as crisp as they needed to be, but it was still enjoyable overall. LA Park’s spear is one the of better collisions in wrestling. It looks like it could actually lay someone out.

Share you thoughts on MLW Fusion. Which match or moment stole the show? Where do you rank LA Park’s spear among the world of professional wrestling?

MLW Fusion posts on YouTube Wednesday nights at 7 pm ET, streams on Fubo Sports Network Friday nights at 7 pm ET and 10 pm ET, and airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 10 pm ET. You can also check out MLW on DAZN, Roku, and Pluto. In addition, MLW is broadcast in over 20 countries.

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