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NWA honors The Question Mark in announcing Nick Aldis’ PPV opponent

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The NWA is back, and they are gearing up for their Back for the Attack PPV on March 21 through Fite TV. The NWA has been stacking talent and notable names, such as the Funkasaurus and Chris Masters. They also announced the main event bout with Nick Aldis defending the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

The headliner of Back for the Attack will be Aldis defending the Ten Pounds of Gold against Aron Stevens.

You may recall the challenger from his time in WWE as Damien Sandow. Inside the NWA, Stevens went on to become a former NWA National Champion and current NWA World Tag Team Champion with JR Kratos.

If I’m being honest, Aldis versus Stevens doesn’t sound like much of a draw on paper without any backstory to heat it up. Billy Corgan changed all that with an explanation that honors the death of Joseph Hudson, also known as The Question Mark. Aldis versus Stevens now becomes must-see for NWA fans.

Corgan: The first thing I’d like to share with you is my appreciation for your patience and continued support of the National Wrestling Alliance for what I know has been a difficult period for everyone. I’m thrilled with the response to the news that we have a new broadcast partner in Fite TV, and we can’t wait to embark on this next chapter with all of you.

And the first step of that journey is our pay-per-view event Back for the Attack on March 21 at 4 pm ET, which brings me to the business at hand and the bittersweet moment for the NWA and for myself personally. As many of you know, we recently lost a beloved member of the NWA family, our brother Joseph Hudson, known to many as Jocephus or the incomparable character The Question Mark.

Joseph meant so much not only to me as a friend of ten years but to the NWA talent, staff, and, of course, you the fans. So with that said, Back for the Attack will be dedicated to Joseph’s memory, because we absolutely wouldn’t be standing where we are today without Joseph’s many efforts both in the ring and his work behind the scenes to bring the National Wrestling Alliance back to prominence.

With that said, I’ve made the decision that to truly mark the occasion there is one match in particular that I believe Joseph would approve of as the main event of this pay-per-view. And that’s his tag team partner and friend, and truly someone whose talent and dedication is often underappreciated, getting the chance to hold the title that symbolizes excellence in the National Wrestling Alliance and professional wrestling as a whole.

And at Back for the Attack, Aron Stevens will challenge Nick Aldis for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. I wish the best of luck to both men and to all our combatants, and I hope you will join us for a very special night live on pay-per-view.

In the NWA universe, The Question Mark was the sensei of Stevens in the tutelage of Mongrovian karate. Stevens quickly mastered the martial art rising to third-degree black belt. The Question Mark immediately became one of the most over babyfaces in the NWA through his grunts and pronunciation of karatay, while Stevens remained a hated villain. Given that relationship, it is indeed a touching tribute by Corgan for Stevens to be booked against Aldis.

Stevens is going to take a serious approach to honor his friend.

The NWA also announced some new names making an appearance on the PPV:

  • Chris Adonis
  • Tyrus
  • Crimson
  • Jordan Clearwater
  • Slice Boogie

Adonis is better known as Chris Masters during his WWE career. Tyrus earned fame as “The Funkasaurus” Brodus Clay in WWE. Crimson had a run in TNA. Clearwater made a name for himself with a solid showing against Aldis last year.

The only other match revealed so far for Back for the Attack is a four-way between Jax Dane, Slice Boogie, Clearwater, and Crimson.

Other wrestlers likely to be on the PPV include NWA National Champion Trevor Murdoch, NWA World Television Champion Elijah Burke, Tim Storm, Thom Latimer, Kamille, Thunder Rosa, and possibly NWA World Women’s Champion Serena Deeb. Deeb is currently recovering from a knee injury.

Does the tie-in to The Question Mark sell you on Aron Stevens versus Nick Aldis? Which of the NWA’s new additions excites you most?

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