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ROH Wrestling recap: Los Ingobernables’ lack of honor is a disgrace

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ROH’s YouTube

Episode 490 of ROH Wrestling featured Cheeseburger reinventing himself as World Famous CB in a Pure match against Tracy Williams and Los Ingobernables running wild without honor against a ragtag crew of hooligans.

Check for ROH channel listings in your area. Watch the episode on ROH Honor Club (here) or Fite TV (here) released on Mondays.

Before getting into the recap, let’s start with a rankings update from ROH Week by Week. Quinn McKay revealed the new top 5 for the Pure division.

Pure Championship
5. Fred Yehi
4. Dak Draper
3. Rhett Titus
2. Josh Woods
1. Tracy Williams
Champ: Jonathan Gresham

Joe Keys dropped out from #3 after failing to take the belt from Gresham in a title match last week. Titus moved up one spot, and Draper entered the mix at #4.

Time to hit the weekly ROH broadcast.

Beer City Bruiser addressed his actions of smashing a beer bottle on Matt Taven’s head last week. Brian Milonas confronted his tag team partner with anger about the attack to his long-time friend. Bruiser is sick of losing. There are no friends in wrestling. Bruiser is done being a bitch. It was implied that Milonas should get in step with this new direction or hit the road.

Tracy Williams and The Foundation take pride in giving opportunities to under-appreciated and under-utilized wrestlers. It is up to them to prove they can succeed in the ring. Williams is giving Cheeseburger the shot to prove everybody wrong that he is not just a novelty.

Cheeseburger is reinventing himself as World Famous CB. The name Cheeseburger is the best and worst thing to happen to his career. The popularity launched him toward wrestling in the Tokyo Dome and teaming with Jushin Liger. It has also made fans look at him as a novelty act. World Famous CB is a 10-year veteran and trainer to new wrestlers. This match against Williams will be his chance to break through the Cheeseburger ceiling.

Tracy Williams vs World Famous CB

Pure rules with a 15-minute time limit. World Famous CB entered with new swag of a furry coat and cowboy hat.

The first major moment occurred courtesy of CB’s grappling skills. CB forced Tracy Williams to use his first break after CB transitioned from an escalera submission to a rear naked choke to a double arm trap. Williams’ only way to escape was by using his mouth to bite the ropes.

Williams fired back with a backdrop suplex, a float-over suplex, and a standing knee drop. CB countered with a roll-up, but Williams turned it into a shoulder lock. CB used his first break. Williams focused on damaging CB’s shoulder, but CB used his speed to secure a short-arm scissors. Williams used his second break by getting his feet on the ropes. CB followed with a shoulder lock. Williams winced in pain then used his third and final rope break.

Williams went on the attack with a backbreaker, back suplex, and gutwrench powerbomb. CB kicked out on the pin. CB fired up with punches and a head kick, but Williams exploded back with a clothesline and piledriver for victory at 13:05.

Brody King was angry at Los Ingobernables for costing him a win against Rush for the ROH World Championship at Final Battle. If they want to get violent, King knows a few violent men too. The Briscoes will whoop their asses all the way back to Mexico. PCO will make them rest in hell.

Brody King, Briscoes, & PCO vs Rush, Dragon Lee, Bestia del Ring, & Flip Gordon

Amy Rose was on commentary to support Los Ingobernables. The Briscoes came out separately to signify that they still aren’t at peace with one another as a tag team. Since Kenny King was unable to compete, the ROH board of directors selected Flip Gordon as a replacement.

Los Ingobernables played tricks by tagging in and out without actually engaging in action against Brody King. The luchadores then tagged Flip Gordon to get the fight started. Los Ingobernables are not friends with Gordon due to him being a sneak to use Dragon Lee’s mask as a disguise to eliminate Kenny King in a #1 contender world title battle royal. Gordon is still in line for a world title match in the future. As Gordon was taking a beating, Los Ingobernables refused to receive tags from him. They even tossed him back into the ring multiple times to take more punishment.

When the Briscoes covered Gordon after a teamwork powerbomb cutter, Los Ingobernables finally got involved to make the save. The match broke down into a massive brawl. Los Ingobernables worked together to take down King. The same tactics did not work on PCO. Their attacks only powered him up to hit a suicide dive onto Gordon.

Heated strikes were exchanged all around.

Jay Briscoe and PCO hit double suicide dives onto Bestia and Rush. Mark Briscoe used a chair for a step-up cannonball onto bodies below.

The babyfaces set up Rush on a table, but he moved as PCO came crashing down for a front flipping senton through the wood.

The referee had enough of the chaos and called for the bell to make the result a no contest.

As the wild brawling continued, cameras showed The Foundation watching on a monitor backstage with disapproving expressions on their faces. Gresham lamented, “This is not Ring of Honor,” as Los Ingobernables posed in the ring to close the show.

Episode 490 of ROH Wrestling had an intriguing mix of technical style and kooky brawling. Cheeseburger did well in shedding his old image to display his wrestling prowess against Tracy Williams. His look is more appealing and his performance was more serious. This character turn should extend CB’s shelf life until fans return. To note, the pink bandana on CB’s boot is to honor Hana Kimura.

The main event was a perfect showcase to observe how Los Ingobernables operate. They humorously taught Flip Gordon a lesson. I found it funny, but I doubt Gordon did. When it became time to fight, Los Ingobernables did not back down. Their skills were on full display to show why they are a force to be reckoned with. If you had never seen Los Ingobernables before, I think that was a proper representation to understand what they are all about.

I loved the little touch at the end of showing frustration from The Foundation. Their disgust at the disgraceful actions taken by Los Ingobernables plants the seeds for the slow-brew feud between the two factions. I can’t blame The Foundation for being upset. They all worked hard in the Pure tournament to bring back the glory days of ROH, and now a bunch of ruffians are ruining the order of things. The Foundation can’t really do anything about it, since Rush and Dragon Lee are ROH champions.

We’ll close with the bonus match of Danhausen versus Brian Johnson. Danhausen entered carrying a sack of money and a jar of teeth.

The bout had comedic flavor as Johnson hit Danhuasen with a microphone and picked up the winning pin with his feet on the ropes for leverage.

Share your thoughts about episode 490 of ROH Wrestling. Which wrestler had the standout performance?