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ROH cements foundation by re-signing two champions

Ring of Honor is continuing to lock down their roster with numerous re-signings. They shored up their roster depth last month. Now, ROH has cemented the foundation of their future by re-signing two current champions.

ROH announced new agreements for Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal.

In a few short months, Gresham has become the MVP of ROH. He was already tag champs with Lethal. Gresham ascended to greatness when he emerged victorious in a 16-man tournament to win the Pure Championship. The success of the Pure style opened the door for Gresham to form a faction to purify professional wrestling and restore honor in ROH. Lethal, Tracy Williams, and Rhett Titus stand by Gresham’s side as the Foundation.

Gresham and ROH are a perfect fit for each other. Gresham’s success is a case of right time, right place. Gresham is arguably one of the most skilled technical wrestlers on the planet today. However, at 5’4” tall, there is a very real chance that he would get lost in the mix at AEW or WWE. The time off from the pandemic allowed ROH time to reboot their in-ring product to showcase Gresham’s expertise, and he has become a genuine star. Gresham’s fingerprints are all over the current ROH product. To ensure future talent learn Pure wrestling, Gresham is the head trainer at the ROH Dojo.

ROH also re-signed Sledge and the Bouncers tag team of Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas.

Sledge is a story of positivity. His wrestling career crashed due to drug and alcohol addiction. Sledge turned his life around and is currently six years sober.

The Bouncers are the type of team that bring fun to the ring. The super heavyweights have a nice mix of brawling and surprising moments of high flying. They are currently in a storyline about the desire to win. Bruiser was tired of being a lovable loser, so he smashed a beer bottle on Matt Taven’s head last week. Bruiser wants Milonas to get on board with this new direction, but Milonas is hesitant to embrace a ruthless attitude.

There are still two big fish that ROH needs to reel in. ROH World Champion Rush and ROH TV Champion Dragon Lee have yet to reach new deals. One of ROH’s big storylines is a collision course between the Foundation and Los Ingobernables. Signing Rush and Dragon Lee for another year would provide enough time for the feud to fully play out.

For all we know, the luchador brothers have already come to terms. In my opinion, it would be a smart play by ROH to keep the news secret until after Rush’s next title defense. If we know Rush is staying, then he is likely to retain. If we know Rush is leaving, then he is likely to drop the belt. The uncertainty of not knowing if Rush has a new contract would add an extra layer of drama to the match.

Do you like the re-signings of Gresham and Lethal? Or would you have preferred to see them practice their trade elsewhere?

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