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MLW Roundup: Hammerstone in Baklei Brawl, crooked NBA ref Tim Donaghy fallout, more!

Let’s catch up on the latest news in MLW and preview tonight’s episode of Fusion. Alexander Hammerstone and Mads Krugger return for hoss fight round two, LA Park and sons will defend the tag team titles, and shady allegations are running wild in relation to former NBA referee Tim Donaghy’s questionable actions in aiding Richard Holliday to victory last week.

Baklei Brawl!

What’s a Baklei Brawl you ask? I don’t exactly know, but we sure are going to find out tonight on MLW Fusion as Alexander Hammerstone enters Mads Krugger’s turf to answer the challenge. Their previous encounter turned into a double count-out donnybrook. Krugger sensed fear in Hammer, so he invited Muscle Mountain to enter the shady underworld of Contra.

MLW explains a Baklei Brawl to be:

Baklei is a term Afrikaans use for fighting. Bakleis are a staple of the South African underworld. Often involving gambling, these bareknuckle, anything go illegal prize fights have a reputation for being violent — and big business in the slums of Africa.

Sounds awesome. The description feels like something out of a Van Damme movie or that early fight scene in Rambo III. It will be interesting to see how deep MLW goes off the traditional track. The possibilities for violence are wide open. Put my money on Hammer ripping Krugger’s eye out.

Fusion will also feature a tag team title match. Los Parks are putting gold on the line against TJP & Bu Ku Dao. The challengers earned a shot with a win over Team Filthy’s Violence is Forever last week. Los Parks will be invoking the Freebird rule for LA Park and his two sons, but it is unclear if they will make use of the rule tonight. Whichever combination of masked skeleton men is chosen, I’d expect them to retain the titles.

Jordan Oliver will battle a member of Contra Unit’s Sentai Death Squad. On the surface, it would seem like Oliver against a run-of-the-mill goon. However, you never know what tricks Josef Samael has up his sleeve. Since Sentai Death Squad members wear masks, Oliver’s opponent could be anyone.

The fourth bout will be Gino Medina versus Gringo Loco. It will likely be a showcase for Medina to get on the winning track for a later showdown with Richard Holliday. There is dispute whether or not Medina quit or was kicked out of Dynasty, but there is no dispute that Medina and Holliday will meet in the ring one day to settle the score.

The official preview teases updates on Filthy Island, a potential investigation into any funny business between Tim Donaghy and Richard Holliday, as well as news of a public negotiation from the owner of Azteca Underground.

Details are scarce about the mystery person and their plans, but it may involve an offer to buy MLW. After purchasing Promociones Dorado, the money man is interested in investing in a promotion. Keep an ear open for any hints in language that could reveal this person’s identity.

MLW Fusion streams on Fubo Sports Network Wednesday nights at 7 pm ET and 10 pm ET, posts on YouTube Wednesdays at 7 pm ET, and airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 10 pm ET. You can also check out MLW streaming on demand with DAZN. In addition, MLW is broadcast in over 20 countries.

Quick hits

Last week on Fusion, Richard Holliday won/retained the IWA Caribbean Championship against Savio Vega in a strap match. While the result is official, the finish has opened questions of chicanery when former NBA referee Tim Donaghy blocked Vega from victory. Allegations of corruption have been running rampant, especially since big bucks made a late betting surge with bookmakers. Nevertheless, IWA will now officially recognize Holliday as the Caribbean Champ. I’m sure all the consumerniños were crying in the streets. Whether it be tears of joy or sadness is up for debate.

Both Holliday and Vega released statements on the match.

This feud appears far from over.

The host site of Filthy Island has been revealed as Hawaii. The exact location has yet to be specified. MLW confirmed that the February 17 show will take place outdoors close to the ocean. Tom Lawlor seems to have run afoul with locals already. Rumors suggest pay issues due to sponsors pulling out and Team Filthy being slobs leaving trash in nature.

MLW provided a health update on Konnan after Mil Muertes made a rough visit to his home, per the orders of Salina de la Renta. Konnan was found severely beaten and will require time for a full recovery.

We’ll close with a few new t-shirts. Jacob Fatu, Josef Samael, and the Von Erichs received new merch, but the one that caught my eye is your boy Hammer. The man he pummeled in the drawing sure looks like Fatu. That’s a pretty ballsy move. Exotic Latin muscle candy must not have any side effects involving shrinkage, because it takes a giant pair to declare such a triumph in advance.

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