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Bryan name drops Punk while setting up steel cage match with Uso

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Daniel Bryan needed to win his main event match against Jey Uso on SmackDown last night (Feb. 26) to secure himself a Fastlane Universal championship match against Roman Reigns.

He did not. But since the match ended in a double countout, neither did Uso.

In the aftermath, DB proved he has what it takes to beat either Reigns or Usos. But he couldn’t take them both out, and the numbers game allowed the champ to choke him out to close the show.

That was the backdrop for Bryan’s appearance as the final guest on the blue brand post-show Talking Smack this morning, where Roman’s special counsel Paul Heyman is co-host.

Both men agreed a rematch of this week’s main event was in order, but each had a stipulation. If Uso wins next Friday (Mar. 5), not only does Bryan not get a title shot at Fastlane on Mar. 21, he has to acknowledge Reigns as “the best of the very best wrestler on the face of the planet”.

A man of his word, Daniel promised to walk back his previous statements about the Tribal Chief and say those very words. But in order to ensure a clean outcome, Bryan wants the Uso rematch to take place in a steel cage.

Reigns texted the go ahead to Heyman, and we have our main event for next week’s SmackDown.

It’s customary for challengers to send a message to the Head of the Table via Kayla Braxton’s Talking Smack co-host, and DB had one for Heyman about a former “Guy” of his. It really tied together their segment’s “Best In The World” theme:

“I am no longer putting myself on the back burner. I am no longer putting other people first. I am going out to take what’s mine, and that’s the reign that I’ve had before CM Punk, and that’s the best damn wrestler in the world!”

See you next Friday.

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