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EC3 signs with Ring of Honor

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Ring of Honor

EC3 has signed a contract with Ring of Honor. Here’s ROH with the announcement:

“Ring of Honor is pleased to announce that EC3 has signed with the company.

EC3, who had been pro wrestling’s hottest free agent since he hit the open market last summer, made a few appearances with ROH in the fall. He made his unannounced return on last weekend’s episode of ‘Ring of Honor Wrestling’ to confront Jay Briscoe.

EC3 and Briscoe had been scheduled to face each other at Final Battle in December, but the match was called off after EC3 tested positive for COVID-19.

Recognized as a two-time former world champion, EC3 boasts one of the most chiseled physiques in the sport and stellar speaking skills.

EC3 seized control of his narrative during his time as a free agent. A darker, more intense and more dangerous EC3 showed up in ROH declaring that he was on a quest to see if honor is real.

Now that EC3 is making ROH his home, he’ll have ample time to find out.”

It’s quite bold for ROH to declare EC3 the hottest free agent in pro wrestling when Brock Lesnar is reportedly on the market. Then again, WWE did leave a ton of money on the table by cutting EC3 last April. Since then, EC3 tried to confuse wrestling fans by appearing for multiple wrestling promotions. It looks like he has finally found a place to settle down and call home.

For those of you who might not be familiar with EC3’s latest work, here is a recent promo in ROH opposite Jay Briscoe:

As of right now, there are no other details on the terms of the contract.

Are you hyped to see more from EC3 in Ring of Honor?