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Vampiro’s latest venture involves the world of slap fighting

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Vampiro has lived a wild and peculiar life. His next venture is completely unexpected, yet completely believable for the man that he is. Vampiro will be involved in the world of slap fighting.

The lucha libre legend announced that he will be an official influencer and on-screen commentator for SlapStrike.

Vampiro begins his duties for, “The War from Warsaw,” slap fighting championship PPV on March 20. The event takes place in Poland, however, Vampiro will call the action from a studio in New York City. SlapStrike features the Siberian slap fight sensation Vasily “Dumpling” Kamotsky, who is hailed as the greatest slap fighter ever.

On Vampiro’s Combat Rock Radio podcast (here), he used his Krav Maga and martial arts knowledge to dissect the mechanics of the palm strike as a deadly combat tool with origins from the Ottoman Empire. When executed correctly, the strike has enough force to pop ear drums, dislocate jaws, break noses, and even crack skulls.

To hype the PPV, Vampiro does a heck of a sell job, starting around the 20:30 mark. Words alone don’t do it justice, since he visually adds his own unique flair as a showman.

Vampiro: Today’s warriors that participate in the slap fighting championships, can you imagine that you stand in front of your enemy or your opponent, what goes through your mind? What kind of preparation do you do when you know it’s coming?

You take that deep breath, you make that last phone call home, you run to the bathroom, you’re checking yourself, you’re making sure that you’re not scared. Don’t let the fear get into your head. Don’t let the fear get into your head. And the adrenaline starts to come. The adrenaline starts to come. And you have to stand there. You face your opponent, you tense your body, and you flex every muscle that you can. You put your hands behind your back, you take that breath, and you get psyched, and you go animal. You got that adrenaline going. And it’s just rrrrr... And wham!

You take everything that that other individual has. The person who just slapped you knows that if he does not knock you out you are going to slap him twice as hard as he just slapped you. So, his fear, his adrenaline, his mental preparation, his willingness to cross the line and accept that pain, take the pain, go the distance is something from another world. You understand?

That level of commitment to war, commitment to sacrifice, commitment to the respect that you might not make it back, committing to the respect that there is a man in front of you who is just like you. And it’s only you and him. No teams, nobody in your corner, no training gear, no fancy sponsors. It’s my will and my heart against yours. And whoever can take it, not who hits the hardest, whoever can take it the longest is going to come out victorious.

It is MIND-BLOWING how awesome that is to be in the presence of true warriors with the spirit that can’t be broken. It’s incredible.

Vampiro’s passion bleeds through in that promo. He influenced me to open my wallet. I’ve never seen a slap fighting event, but I’m game to watch. Also, anybody that’s ever heard Vampiro on commentary for AAA Triplemania knows that he is unpredictable. SlapStrike should be a very interesting viewing experience.

Vampiro closed his podcast with a pro wrestling shout-out. He is need of an announce partner, so he called for his homeboy, Matt Striker. Vampiro mixed in his Lucha Underground lineage about Striker about getting him out of an institution. Vamp needs his dance partner one more time.

SlapStrike’s, “War from Warsaw,” takes place March 20 at 2 pm ET and is available through Fite TV. Vampiro will lead the first US presentation.

What do you think of Vampiro’s next adventure? Will you be watching?

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