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Grab some popcorn, Raquel González is gonna stick her boot in Nia Jax’s hole on Mar. 3

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Both winners of this year’s Dusty Classic were honored tonight in a segment hosted by Beth Phoenix. And while MSK had the opportunity to cut a promo, this was all about setting up the women’s Dusty winners of Raquel González & Dakota Kai against Women’s tag champs Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler.

The Raw talent returned to NXT, interrupting the promo the Dusty winner’s were cutting. This led to a stand off between the champs and future challengers.

Shayna Baszler reminded Dakota Kai of the time she broke her arm. This calls back to years back when Baszler straight up bullied a babyface Dakota, who never got her revenge. It’s smart to remind fans of that history and adds more to the match.

Nia Jax and Raquel both postured as the biggest, baddest ladies in NXT history. Of course, this ended with a reference to Nia’s most recent claim to fame when Raquel said she’d shove her boot so far up Jax’s ‘hole’ that she wouldn’t be able to get it out.

It looks like González & Kai will be working more babyface for this match.

While MSK wasn’t the focus of the segment, alongside Beth Phoenix, they had some standout moments as they watched in the corner eating popcorn as the drama unfolded in front of them.

Nia & Shayna will return to NXT in two weeks on Mar. 3 to defend their titles against Raquel & Dakota. MSK will get their title match against Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch on the same night.

Get your popcorn ready, folks.

You can find the results from tonight’s episode at the live blog here.