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Kidnapped Austin Theory was found in his underwear

Prior to last Sunday’s North American title match between Johnny Gargano & Kushida, Dexter Lumis kidnapped the Way’s Austin Theory.

Theory had been missing since, despite pleas from Gargano and Indi Hartwell to help find their missing compatriot.

Tonight he was found.

In the middle of a match between Candice LeRae & Hartwell and Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon, cameras captured a white van pulling into the parking lot. This got the attention of Johnny, who was on commentary, who went to investigate.

They match wore on and later Gargano returned with his lost ward. While we saw Johnny investigating the van, we didn’t see him find Austin so don’t know the details of that (like the whereabouts of Lumis). But it looks like he found his protege in his boxers with zip ties around his hands and feet.

What did Theory go through the last few days?

The reveal of Austin caught the attention of Candice, who ran to the stage to check on him. That left Indi Hartwell alone in the ring at the mercy of Blackheart & Moon, who took advantage and won the match. But that didn’t bring down the Way, who celebrated being whole again.

You can find the results from tonight’s episode at the live blog here.

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