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Another 50+ year old wins a top belt in Japan

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Last week, Keiji Mutoh captured NOAH’s top prize. The man many of us know as The Great Muta is 58 years old.

On Sunday (Feb. 14), 51 year old Jun Akiyama joined Mutoh as a quinquagenarian Japanese champion. He pinned Tetsuya Endo at DDT’s Kawasaki Strong 2021 to win that promotion’s top belt, the KO-D Openweight title.

DDT, like NOAH, is owned by CyberAgent. Booking older guys with big names (Akiyama is former two-time All Japan Triple Crown Heavyweight champ, and was President of that company for a time during his second stint there) certainly seems to be a strategic decision as they compete against Bushiroad’s New Japan.

It’s getting the some buzz they probably wouldn’t have received otherwise. CyberAgent held a press conference today to announce that Mutoh has signed for two more years with NOAH. Akiyama inked a one year deal with DDT.

They’ll be 60 and 52 when their deals end.

Wonder if Vince McMahon is kicking himself for not booking 54 year old Goldberg to win the WWE title at Royal Rumble?