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MLW Fusion recap & reactions: Lio Rush wins AAA title to become double champ

MLW Fusion featured an interpromotional champion versus champion fight for episode 121. Lio Rush put up the MLW World Middleweight Championship and Laredo Kid had the AAA Cruiserweight Championship on the line in winner takes all.

Let’s break down the show.

ACH vs Brian Pillman Jr.

Pillman had the first pinfall attempt after a big powerslam. The match resumed with hard-hitting contact on strikes. Pillman climbed the corner, then ACH exploded to run up the turnbuckles for a huge kick to the face. ACH finished Pilman with a brainbuster at 5:53.

Team Filthy had been watching from the stage. Afterward, they surrounded the ring to attack ACH. The Von Erichs ran in to even the odds, and the babyfaces stood tall.

ACH and the Von Erichs stick together as Texas boys. Marshall and Ross have ACH’s back.

Savio Vega and IWA turned down the offer from Salina de la Renta’s money man. Business has been difficult in Puerto Rico due to the pandemic, but the company is not for sale. IWA was made for the fans, not some stranger hiding in the shadows.

Calvin Tankman vs Zenshi

Zenshi wanted a rematch. He used his quickness to confuse Tankman, but his offense didn’t do any damage. Tankman flattened Zenshi with a dropkick and a spinebuster. Zenshi would not go down for the count and showed his fighting spirit. Tankman crushed the masked man again with a ramming shoulder block, clothesline, back elbow, backbreaker, and haymaker clothesline. Zenshi stayed alive to gain momentum with a Pele kick. Zenshi flipped off the turnbuckles only for Tankman to catch him and deliver a sitdown piledriver at 5:52.

Josef Samael proclaimed that Alexander Hammerstone failed to conquer the Contra Unit. Hammer made the same mistake as so many others in thinking they are immortal. Now, Injustice will meet its demise. The black flag of Contra will rise again. All the championship gold will belong to Contra.

Lio Rush arrived to the venue with a big-fight feel for champion versus champion. He has no doubt it will be 1, 2, 3 in his favor. Rush then paid the cameraman 20 bucks to carry his bag.

Alicia Atout interviewed Richard Holliday about the questionable involvement of Tim Donaghy as referee in the Caribbean Championship match. She asked the tough questions but didn’t get any meaty answers. Holliday lost his patience and canceled the interview.

PWI Top 10: 10. Laredo Kid, 9. Daivari, 8. Myron Reed, 7. Mil Muertes, 6. Richard Holliday, 5. Mads Krugger, 4. Lio Rush, 3. Low Ki, 2. Tom Lawlor, 1. Alexander Hammerstone, Champ: Jacob Fatu.

Contra vs Injustice

Simon Gotch and Daivari represented Contra against the Injustice duo of Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver. The official tag match never took place. Jacob Fatu attacked Injustice before the opening bell. Reed turned the tide of the brawl with a tope con hilo on top of the Contra Unit. A superkick from Reed and a flying cutter from Oliver put Fatu down on the mat. Contra retreated as Oliver shouted that he’s coming for Fatu’s gold.

Filthy Island will have King Mo versus Low Ki, Rocky Romero in action, and Dominic Garrini against Polynesian champ Mauna Loa. Salina de la Renta cut in to announce the final contest. The offer from El Jefe to buy IWA was not optional. Salina’s employer will find great delight in watching Mil Muertes destroy Savio Vega in an Azteca Jungle Fight. It will be a gift of the gods as Mil Muertes is made into a king of death.

For the upcoming MLW schedule, Filthy Island will be next week and March 3 will have Los Parks defending the tag titles against Gotch and Daivari as well as Fatu defending the heavyweight strap against Oliver.

Title vs Title: Lio Rush vs Laredo Kid

Both the MLW World Middleweight Championship and the AAA Crusierweight Championship were on the line.

Rush took a powder early and often when Laredo would match his speed. Rush took charge of the chess match by choking Laredo on the ropes then kicking the luchador off the apron. Rush utilized a varied approach of mat work, knees, kicks, and suplexes to grind down Laredo.

The AAA champ stunned Rush with a stiff right hand leading to a Michinoku driver and two moonsaults. Rush kicked out on the cover. Laredo weakened the MLW champ with a leg lock. Rush reached the ropes to escape. After a jumping neckbreaker, Laredo missed a swanton. Rush pounced for a stunner and a frog splash for victory at 10:15.

Lio Rush is now a double champion, triple if you include moneyweight. Rush crowed that there is a reason why the call him a piece of gold. Fans will have no other choice but to call him the greatest wrestler in the world.

Solid show for episode 121 of MLW Fusion. Pillman fought hard as ACH got back on the winning path. Zenshi surprised me by putting Tankman on roller skates for a brief moment. I thought Tankman would squash him even quicker than before. Since I’m a fan of Zenshi, it was nice to see him look good in defeat.

Contra versus Injustice was disappointing, because there was no actual match. I had been looking forward to it all week with the lengthy build. At least there was a rowdy shock when Reed and Oliver actually put Fatu down. This was different from their disguised ambush. Fatu saw Injustice coming this time, and they rocked him anyway. Despite that success, I’m expecting Fatu to squish Oliver in under five minutes for their upcoming contest.

The main event delivered in excitement. It was a little short to be considered an epic match-of-the-year contender. They needed twenty minutes to really blow the roof off. It is interesting to witness Rush on his way to greatness with two championships at the age of 26. Rush has fantastic charisma in and out of the ring. He always grabs my attention. I’m excited to see what his future holds.

My biggest pop of the evening came for the announcement of the Azteca Jungle Fight. My eyes widened as Salina kept using a common lexicon known to Dario Cueto. Mil Muertes is going to murder Savio, and I can’t wait.

Share you thoughts on MLW Fusion. Which match or moment stole the show?

MLW Fusion streams on Fubo Sports Network Wednesday nights at 7 pm ET and 10 pm ET, posts on YouTube Wednesdays at 7 pm ET, and airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 10 pm ET. You can also check out MLW streaming on demand with DAZN. In addition, MLW is broadcast in over 20 countries.

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