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Cameron Grimes got rich from that GameStop money

Cameron Grimes was set to return tonight. That’s always a good thing. The Carolina Caveman is already entertaining.

However, he returned with a bit of a twist.

Grimes drove up in a Lamborghini wearing a fine suit (but no shirt because he’s gotta stay on brand). He stepped out holding a big wad of cash, handing off hundos to men to park his car. Hopefully they don’t Ferris Bueller it.

Cameron waltzed through the Capitol Wrestling Center, handing out money to people as he walked by, cackling as he moved. He made his way to the ring and told us how he got rich quick.

During his time away, recovering from a Timothy Thatcher beating, he started getting into video games. And when he ran out of games to play, he went to a store to buy some more. That store? GameStop.

He was blown away by the declining store so Grimes opted to put his money in GameStop. This wasn’t some savvy market play. This was an idiot who thought that GameStop was actually a good long term investment. He also put some money in dogecoin, which also was in the news lately, but a story I completely missed because cryptocurrency is Greek to me. Either way, he’s loaded.

All that led to one arrogant, wealthy Cameron Grimes. He may not be the brightest, but he knows money is power. He’ll no longer be listening to Regal like he used to. We’ll see what a well-to-do Grimes means for NXT’s future.

You can find all the results from tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.

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