NXT UK Recap & Reactions (Dec. 9, 2021): Top of the Mountain!

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This week we have the absolutely massive Tag Team Championship match between Mustache Mountain and the reigning champs Pretty Deadly, Blair Davenport versus Emilia McKenzie, and Sam Gradwell versus Sha Samuels.

Blair Davenport versus Emilia McKenzie

There wasn't a lot of build for this one except that Davenport is working her way through the women's division and has Meiko Satomura firmly in her sights. Satomura's protege McKenzie is a logical target as Satomura takes some well deserved time off after her successful title defense last week.

McKenzie had a really nice looking neckbreaker early in this one. Her speed and smoothness in the ring is looking better. Later on she also nailed Davenport with a nasty looking spear for a near fall. Shortly after this Davenport manages to reverse an Irish whip into a springboard missile drop kick for a near fall. In the end McKenzie attempts another spear but Davenport stops her with a knee to the face leading to a Falcon Arrow and a pin fall victory!

Afterwards Davenport puts McKenzie in Satomura's crossface finisher as a statement. Overall this was a pretty decent match and McKenzie continues to show improvement in the ring. Davenport is a finished product and is ready for the main event scene so she's just building up a resume before challenging Satomura. I wouldn't be shocked if she moved Stateside next year honestly.

This Week's Promos

Noam Dar and Sha Samuels: thest two are at Sid Scala's door and Dar is looking for some affirmation from his boss which he gets. However, Scala then informs us that next week Nathan Frazer and A-Kid will be competing in a Heritage Cup match and the winner will get a Championship match with Noam Dar.

Recap of Dragunov/Brown: We get a video package of last week's Men's Championship match and an update on Brown's medical update. Hilariously they show him on a stretcher and he's giving the camera the finger as Andy explains that (to paraphrase) "due to Brown's inability to compete in his Championship match he was very angry and could not get any further treatment from NXT staff." He's refusing interviews and not taking calls from management.

Xia Brookside on her loss: a camera crew catches up to Brookside early in the week at the PC to ask her about losing her Championship match to Satomura last week. Brookside had a good whinge about not having enough time to prepare and it's "not fair!". She's great as the spoiled princess.

The French Hope Amale: we get a video package and promo from the French Hope. She points out that she's a daughter of Moroccan imigrants and that she has 2 master's degrees and was a teacher but all she's wanted was to be a WWE Superstar. This was a really good, very sympathetic promo from her and seems to signal a repackage as a babyface.

Kenny Williams on Subculture: There are people going around putting up a facade pretending to be what they're not. NXT UK is full of them -- Mark Andrews in particular. When he's done Andrews all that will be left is a "culture of scum."

Gallus on Teoman's Family: They're dressed all in black with face masks in a parking lot. They're talking about how "these jobs keep getting harder and everyone's after us." This prompts them to talk about Teoman's Family and how they'll be the ones smiling next time they meet.

A-Kid versus Nathan Frazer Heritage Cup Match: This is pretty standard fare from a couple of baby faces. A-Kid had a great piece about "I remember when people said I was the future but now I'm the present." Nathan Frazer cut one of his best promos since joining the brand but he still doesn't have much of a character yet.

Jordan Devlin addresses the WWE Universe

Devlin comes out to the ring with a mic and street clothes with something on his mind. He points out that he's the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion and that the only thing he has left to do in NXT UK is to take the Men's Championship. Thus he calls out Ilja Dragunov. Cue the music!

Dragunov appreciates Devlin's ability in the ring but says that where he comes from there's not so much talking. So if he wants it Devlin should just say so and he'll give him the match. Devlin cuts on Imperium and on Mastiff/Rampage Brown and says that nothing is sacred to him between these ropes. He only needs one chance to end Dragunov's career and Championship reign.

Dragunov responds back that he's not scared of anything that Devlin can bring and no matter what sort of match he's ready for the Irish Ace. Devlin then proceeds to insult Dragunov's family: "how will you explain to Constantine that he needs to take care of his daddy?" This sets Dragunov off who starts attacking Devlin before the zebras come out en masse to break them up.

Sam Gradwell versus Sha Samuels

This is a continuation of the fued that Gradwell's been having with Noam Dar and Sha Samuels since Noam Dar won the Heritage Cup. Gradwell was unable to win the Cup off of Noam Dar in his match a couple of weeks ago so now he's going after the henchman. Noam Dar was in Samuel's corner for this one.

The psychology going into this match was the damage done to Gradwell's knee in his match with Dar. Samuels doesn't target the knee all that much to start the match but had a funny spot where he grabbed Gradwell's tights and pulled him face first into the turnbuckle. Gradwell eventually sends Samuels to ringside allowing Gradwell to hit the flying elbow.

Oh my goodness. Later in the match Samuels has the advantage on Gradwell and takes off his suspenders and threatens Gradwell that he's going to whip him with them. This prompts the referee to intervene and I was thinking "Okay here comes the interference from Dar." But Gradwell picks up Samuels' scarf and wraps it around his neck and mimes being choked on the ropes with it. The referee turns around just in time to see Gradwell miming being choked as Dar tries to untie the scarf. As the referee threatens to toss Dar from ringside Gradwell towel snaps Samuels in the nutsack with his own scarf! This allows Gradwell to hit a driver and score the pin fall victory!

Mustache Mountain versus Pretty Deadly -- NXT UK Tag Team Championship match

Pretty Deadly are sporting some absolutely dreadful but hillarious yellow ring gear. They've got the vain, self-loving heels down to an art right now. We got a package to start the show of Trent Seven pondering what the future holds for him if Mustache Mountain doesn't get the job done today. On the other hand Tyler Bate will be the first ever Triple Crown champion on the brand if he manages to win the belt. All in all this is a pretty intriguing match.

Early on Seven tries to send Lewis Howley over the top rope but Sam Stoker is able to put Howley on his shoulders for a piggy back ride as a counter. Howley attacks Bate after throwing Seven out of the ring allowing Howley and Stoker to double team Seven while the referee was distracted by Bate. Using underhanded means and double teams Pretty Deadly are able to isolate and beat on Seven as Bate is stuck watching from the apron.

Finally Seven is able to escape and get the hot tag for Bate. The Big Strong Boy takes the fight to both members of Pretty Deadly. He gets a near fall off a Tyler Driver on Howley. Pretty Deadly had a nasty double team after getting back on offense where Howley threw Bate up in the air so he could fall on Stokers knees. However after mocking Mustache Mountain Howley accidentally hits Stoker with a rebound lariat allowing Bate to tag in Seven. Howley just barely kicks out of a cover after Seven hits him with the Seven-Style Lariat.

Pretty Deadly are able to pull off their Spilt Milk but Bate is able to get in and break up the count before 3. Bate sends both men to ringside and tries a suicide dive on Stoker who catches him and allows Pretty Deadly to deliver a Spilt Milk to him as well. Somehow after a few double teams Seven is still able to kick out of a pin attempt. Shenanigans then ensue as Howley grabs both belts and throws one to Stoker. This distracts the referee and Howley clocks Seven as the ref argues with Stoker. However Seven is able to kcik out of the cover!

Bate is able to recover in time to break up an aerial double team by Pretty Deadly allowing Seven to take out both champs. Seven tags in Bate who lands the Tyler Driver and a Big Spiral Boy to score the pin fall! We have new NXT UK Tag Team Champions! This was a really good match and is well worth the watch.

So Mustache Mountain finally gets the belts. Seven finally gets gold around his waist in NXT UK. We have our first ever Triple Crown winner in NXT UK in the person of Tyler Bate. I guess tune in to find out what happens to Pretty Deadly going forward. Personally I'd like to see them in NXT 2.0 but the tag scene is crowded on both shows right now.

Overall: A

Reminder/introduction: A+ is a near perfect show, B+ is an good show, C+ is an average show, and anything less than that is not good.

This was a pretty darn good show with only the Gradwell/Samuels match costing it the A+ and even that match was fun as sin. McKenzie is coming along in leaps and bounds as a wrestler. The Devlin/Dragunov program looks to be violent and fun. And Mustache Mountain's history making victory tag team win was a great finish to the whole thing.

Alright fellow Cagesiders, let the rest of us know how you feel in the comments below!

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