The Nightly: December 5th, 2021

Hello Nightly!!!


Vader vs. Bret Hart in a No Holds Barred match:

Decent for what it was.

The Godwinns vs. The Headbangers:

Godwinns would win with help from Uncle Cletus.

Max Mini vs. Piratita Morgan:

Fun minis match.

Owen Hart vs. Goldust:

This was the first match in an IC title tournament. Austin would fight off the Hartfoundation before throwing a broom at Vince, as they nearly came to blows after Austin stunned Sgt. Slaughter earlier in the night.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. The Patriot vs. Savio Vega:

Bulldog was meant to be in this match, but was attacked by DX, so Savio Vega takes his place for some reason. This match kind of sucked, this was a really long match.


Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Eddie Guerrero:

Good match for what it was, but they create something even better the following month.

Hugh Morrus vs. Disco Inferno:

Interference from Alex Wright played a role in this match.

Chris Jericho vs. Brad Armstrong for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship:

Alright match, Eddie would interfere to set up him and Jericho at Fall Brawl.

Faces Of Fear vs. Steiner Bros:

Match would end when Harlem Heat and Wrath and Mortis interfered.

Scott Hall vs. Super Calo:

Alright match, NWO would attack Ray Traylor afterwards.

Dean Malenko vs. Psicosis:

A fan would up almost getting in the ring during this match.

Buff Bagwell and Konnan vs. Curt Hennig and Ric Flair:

Dull match.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Lex Luger:

Boring match, would end in NWO interference.

Overall, while Nitro had some interesting moments like Piper being named the interim WCW head of the Executive Committee and Eddie/Mysterio, Raw was easily the better show.

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