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Cain Velasquez is still awesome at lucha libre

Cain Velasquez made his return to professional wrestling at AAA Triplemania Regia. He was surprisingly awesome in his 2019 debut. That outing earned him a ticket to WWE. Upon coming back to AAA, Velasquez showed that he’s still awesome at lucha libre.

Velasquez entered wearing a devil mask with a pencil stache. The former UFC champ partnered with Psycho Clown and Pagano in trios action against Rey Escorpion, Black Taurus, and LA Park. Velasquez was primarily focused on LA Park after the two had a heated physical altercation at the press conference.

The two luchadores squared up, then LA Park poked Velasquez in the eye. Cain fired back with big kicks. He caught a kick from LA Park, countered for a takedown slam, then unloaded punches.

Back on their feet, Park kicked Velasquez in the shin, took him down with a hip toss, and pounded punches. Back up again, hip tosses and sweep slams were exchanged. The rudos rushed into the ring as the match broke down into a brawl.

LA Park and Velasquez rumbled through the crowd. Park ripped Cain’s mask. The rudos held Velasquez against the ropes, so LA Park could dish out loud chops to the chest. As LA Park ran the ropes, Velasquez broke free for a Superman punch.

Velasquez proceeded to rip LA Park’s mask as payback. The action escalated from there. Velasquez ducked a spinning kick to land one of his own. When LA Park was trapped in a single leg crab, his sons ran down to interfere. Hijo de LA Park distracted the referee, so LA Park Jr. could rough up Cain. That backfired when Velasquez ducked a chair swing and hammered knees in the clinch. Papa Park took the chair and whacked Cain in the head.

Doom appeared near for Velasquez. All of a sudden, a surprise from LA Park’s past arrived on the scene in the form of Rayo de Jalisco Jr. The rival luchador provided a distraction, so Velasquez could recover. Cain swooped in for an armbar to submit LA Park for victory.

Velasquez was great in his return to lucha libre. He went toe-to-toe with a legend in LA Park and came out on top. His sequences were crisp and executed without pause. It is amazing to think that was only Velasquez’s fifth professional wrestling match for his career.

What did you think of Cain’s performance?

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