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AAA Triplemania Regia surprises include Taya Valkyrie, Willie Mack, more!

AAA loves to deliver surprise appearances for their big shows. Triplemania Regia was no different. The list included Taya Valkyrie, Cibernetico, Willie Mack, and Rayo de Jalisco Jr.

Taya sent a message via video to challenge Deonna Purrazzo for the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. La Wera Loca is coming to take back the title. All of her life she has wanted to create memories. This voyage has taken her to all corners of the world. Now, Taya is returning to AAA.

Taya is a three-time Reina de Reinas champ. Her reigns have lasted 945 days, 71 days, and 528 days. She never lost the belt in her third run with the title. Taya vacated the gold upon signing with WWE. Purrazzo has held the strap for 113 days and counting. She won the honor be defeating Faby Apache at Triplemania XXIX.

Cibernetico roared in riding a motorcycle.

This was his first appearance in AAA since exiting in 2015. The Main Man was a huge star during his prime. Cibernetico held the IWC World Heavyweight Championship for an astounding 2,554 days in AAA. That’s one day shy of seven full years. Cibernetico is also a three-time Campeón de Campeones champ, former Mega champ, and former Mexican national heavyweight champ in AAA.

Cibernetico returned to trifle in Konnan’s affairs. Konnan is an evildoer always up to no good. Cibernetico threatened to reveal dirt on Konnan. Later, he assisted Los Vipers 2.0 in a beatdown of other luchadores. Cibernetico had led the original Vipers group starting in 1997.

Willie Mack was the mystery luchador teaming with Laredo Kid against Dragon Lee and Dralistico. Mack stole the show by dancing as an homage to Super Porky. He was in the running for second loudest crowd pop of the night behind LA Park as numero uno. Imagine Mack performing these same jiggly moves while gyrating his hips to and fro, high and low.

Dralistico ended the fun with a dropkick to Mack’s face.

Rayo de Jalisco Jr. was the final surprise of the evening. This one was a bit confusing. He came out as a distraction after LA Park hit Cain Velasquez in the head with a chair. Rayo’s appearance opened the window for Cain to recover and secure an armbar victory. The crowd was firmly behind rudo LA Park, so they booed Rayo de Jalisco Jr.

After that bout, Rayo’s promo was interrupted by La Nueva Generación Dinamita. History ran deep between Rayo and NGD. In 1990, Rayo won the mask of Cien Caras, who is the father of Sanson and Cuatrero. Punches were thrown with the tecnicos clearing the ring.

Which surprises from Triplemania Regia made you pop?

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