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AAA Triplemania Regia recap: Hijo del Vikingo wins Kenny Omega’s vacant Mega Championship

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AAA put on a wild show with Triplemania Regia. There were thrills, chills, and spills. Let’s run down the results with clips of crazy highlights.

The main event of the evening was a five-way title bout for the AAA Megacampeonato. Kenny Omega was stripped of the gold due to injury. In his place, AAA decided to recruit four men to fill his shoes. Samuray del Sol (fka Kalisto), Jay Lethal and Bobby Fish from AEW, and ROH world champ Bandido competed against Hijo del Vikingo.

High flying moves were aplenty. Towards the climax, signature attacks ripped forth. Lethal hit a handspring cutter to Vikingo, but Fish broke the pinfall. Fish hit a super falcon arrow on Lethal, but Bandido made the save. Bandido hit a 21-plex on Fish.

Samuray connected on a running senton to stop the count. Samuray followed with Salida del Sol on Bandido.

Vikingo flew in out of nowhere on a springboard splash to prevent the pinfall. The action continued with Bandido taking out Lethal and Fish on a springboard moonsault to the outside. That left Vikingo and Samuray in the final duel. Vikingo elbowed his way out of trouble on the turnbuckles. Samuray crashed down to the mat. Vikingo pounced for a double springboard (top rope to middle rope) moonsault. He finished with an inverted 450 splash to win.

Vikingo is the youngest AAA Mega champ in history at the age of 24. Stars in the back emptied from the locker room to celebrate. Psycho Clown, Pagano, Laredo Kid, and Lady Shani gave the babyface rub of respect to solidify Vikingo as a big deal.

Challengers are already lining up. Omega wants a crack at regaining the belt he never lost. Fenix and Killer Kross are also chomping at the bit.

Let’s jam through the rest of the show.

Psycho Clown, Pagano, & Cain Velasquez defeated Rey Escorpion, Taurus, & LA Park. (Full details here.) The prime attraction was Velasquez beefing with LA Park. Velasquez wrestled well using his fighting experience for takedowns, ground and pound, and high kicks. As he had Park trapped in a single leg crab, Park’s sons tried to interfere. Velasquez took care of LA Park Jr. with knees in the clinch, but papa Park whacked him in the head with a chair. Swerve surprise! 61-yeard-old Rayo de Jalisco Jr. appeared on stage. Velasquez recovered and locked in an armbar for victory.

FTR retained AAA tag titles against Lucha Bros. (Full details here.) Vickie Guerrero was on hand to support FTR, and she played a role in the ladder match finish. Pentagon climbed the ladder, but Vickie grabbed his foot. Dax Harwood hit a low-blow to cease Penta’s momentum. Harwood climbed the other side to battle with Penta on top of the ladder. That’s when Vickie threw white powder in Penta’s face. Harwood shoved Pentagon down through a table. FTR had a clear path to victory after that. Top guys, out.

Dragon Lee & Dralistico defeated Laredo Kid & Willie Mack. There were a bunch of nifty moves throughout this bout. Laredo leaped for a springboard electric chair cutter.

Dralistico nailed a springboard twist into a Mexican Destroyer.

Lee showed his strength on a sitdown powerbomb to Mack.

Mack was in the groove down the stretch. He had the crowd in the palm of his hand after a pop-up forearm smash to Lee. Mack went up top for a frog splash, but Lee put his knees up. Lee pounced for a ripcord jumping knee strike then a running knee strike to win. Afterward, Lee and Dralistico wanted a AAA tag title shot. Lee also wanted a AAA World Cruiserweight Championship match against Laredo, which was accepted for a later date. If that match gets made, it will be a gem of a barn burner.

Puma King, DMT Azul, & Sam Adonis defeated Murder Clown, Dave the Clown, & Chessman. Chessman was a replacement for Monster Clown. Estrellita participated in the action enough that it was basically 4-on-3. She paid the price for her involvement.

This match was wild with chairs, light tubes, thumbtacks, and a table on fire. The finish saw AAA go full AAA. The tecnicos hit a triple slam for a triple pin, but Estrellita pulled the referee out on the count. Then the rudos hit a triple slam for a triple pin, but random clowns pulled the referee out on the count. Back in the ring, even more clowns showed up to turn on Murder Clown. That set of clowns was actually Empresa members in disguise. The full bad guy crew bum-rushed their opponents in overwhelming numbers to pin Dave.

Afterward, Sam Adonis tried to add insult to injury but he missed his target on a moonsault to the outside.

It wasn’t all bad for Adonis. He did successfully land a 450 splash earlier in the contest.

La Nueva Generacion Dinamita defeated Poder del Norte and Los Vipers in a three-way. The winner earned #1 contender status for the Trios titles held by Los Mercenarios. There were three crazy spots in particular. Poder del Norte picked up Abismo Negro Jr. on their shoulders so Mocho Cota Jr. could hit a suicide dive crashing through a table.

Psicosis II launched for a flying leg drop onto a table with light tubes, but Sanson moved and Psicosis took the full impact himself.

The finish came down to NGD hitting a teamwork monkey flip catapult crashing into Arez into a table leaning in the corner. That was the winning move.

La Hiedra, Flammer, & Lady Maravilla defeated Faby Apache, Lady Shani, & Sexy Star 2. This bout became an impromptu lumberjack match, and the lumberjacks had straps. Whenever referee Hijo del Tirantes and Faby are in the same ring, that means shenanigans are afoot. Faby and Shani kicked the ref out of the ring. Since most everyone else hates Hijo del Tirantes too, the lumberjacks laid in the straps. He ran away backstage to escape.

Papa Tirantes happened to be nearby, so he filled in as lead official. In the end, rudo lumberjacks held the feet of Tirantes. Hijo del Tirantes ran back to hit Faby from behind. Las Toxicas slammed Faby and piled on top for a pin. Hijo del Tirantes did a super fast count to hand the win to the bad girls.

Afterward, Tirantes had harsh words for his son. He doesn’t support him hitting women. Faby attacked Hijo del Tirantes to send him scattering out of the ring. Since Hijo del Tirantes has been growing his hair long, surely this leads to hair versus hair against Faby, right?

Triplemania Regia also had a handful of surprise appearances. (Full details here.) Taya Valkyrie challenged Deonna Purrazzo for the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. Cibernetico rode in on a motorcycle to say he’s had enough of Konnan’s bullshit. The Main Man also cleaned house on La Nueva Generacion Dinamita and Poder del Norte after the Vipers trios match. Willie Mack was the mystery partner teaming with Laredo Kid. Rayo de Jalisco Jr. scuffled with NGD.

All in all, Triplemania Regia was exactly the type of big show effort AAA fans would expect. There was awesome athleticism, savage hardcore moments, nonsensical twists, odd production execution, big surprises, and money matches set up for the future to keep fans salivating. The two tag team matches, Cain Velasquez’s bout, and the main event were all entertaining. The remaining contests were anchored by AAA craziness.

Parting positive impressions were FTR’s amazing ability to be hated, Willie Mack as an unlikely superstar, and Velasquez bringing a tremendous aura. Cain was not charismatic at all while in the UFC. That’s what makes it so weird that he is must-see in AAA. The man has ‘it’ in the lucha libre world.

If you are interested in purchasing the replay through Fite TV (here), be aware that the pace is slow at the start. There were only two matches in the first 90 minutes. Once the time slot began to air live on Mexican TV, the flow picked up for non-stop action.

I’d recommend turning on the Spanish commentary instead of English. The vibe is much better hearing the crowd noise to add energy as a viewer. Acoustics for English commentary (Matt Striker and Carlos Ochoa) sounded like they were calling a local high school football game. Don’t worry about storyline information. Even fans who watch the weekly shows get confused during these big events. Sit back and enjoy the chaos that is AAA. There is nothing like it.

Share your thoughts on Triplemania Regia. Who stole the show?

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