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FTR retain AAA tag titles against Lucha Bros in ladder match at Triplemania Regia

FTR claim to be lucha living legends, and they proved their case by traveling to Monterrey, Mexico and successfully retaining the AAA tag titles against the Lucha Bros at Triplemania Regia. Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler brought in Vickie Guerrero to watch their backs, and that move paid off.

If there was concern that the lucha libre fans might not react to FTR, that notion was squashed immediately. As the Lucha Bros were cutting a crowd-friendly promo, FTR and Vickie interrupted to create nuclear heat by insulting lucha libre and Mexico.

FTR forced Hugo Savinovich to translate their sass. Vickie claimed that the reason Eddie Guerrero left Mexico was because the USA was better. As champs, FTR declared there would be no more flips, no more gymnastics, no more masks, and no more tacos al pastor. It’s not their fault lucha libre sucks. FTR will be the saviors of the sport. They closed their diatribe by shoving middle fingers in the Lucha Bros’ faces. Fenix and Pentagon didn’t take that kindly, and fisticuffs erupted. Security separated the skirmish and escorted FTR to the back.

The mood was set for the crowd to hate FTR.

FTR versus Lucha Bros was supposed to be a regular match, but things changed unannounced to make it a ladder match. FTR kept up the heat by tying Pentagon’s mask to the ropes and taking a break for Vickie to hold the US flag while they pledged allegiance. That set up FTR’s fist chance to grab the titles. With Fenix down and Penta trapped, they slowly climbed the ladders and taunted the crowd. Pentagon sacrificed his hidden identity by removing his mask, covering his face, and shoving over the ladder to keep the title fight going. That’s how bad the Lucha Bros wanted the belts back.

Pentagon ran wild with a cookie sheet bashing FTR. Harwood pleaded for mercy and kissed Penta’s boots. He was rewarded with a superkick.

After heavy slams were exchanged all around, Pentagon was left standing. He climbed the ladder, but Vickie grabbed his foot. That allowed time for Harwood to sneak in for a low blow. Penta and Harwood battled at the top of the ladder. Vickie had one more trick up her sleeve. She threw white powder in Pentagon’s face. Harwood shoved the blinded luchador down falling through a table. Wheeler steadied the ladder as Harwood snatched gold from above.

FTR were excellent rudos hamming it up the entire time. Despite their no flips policy, they fit perfectly on the lucha libre scene.

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