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Neither Edge nor the Miz has anything to prove

Miz has been around, as a top guy, for a long time now.

11 years ago, he was WWE Champion in his first reign, having beaten no less than Randy Orton via Money in the Bank cash-in, and he’d go on to best Orton, Jerry “the King” Lawler, John Morrison, and John Cena (at WrestleMania!) before finally losing the title to John Cena in a three-way also featuring Morrison.

The point is, he’s done it all at every level of the pro wrestling business, with eight tag title reigns, eight Intercontinental Championship reigns, and two reigns each with the WWE and United States Championships, and he should have nothing to prove at this point.

And yet, here he is, goading Edge into a feud, practically shouting into the void, “PAY ATTENTION TO ME! RESPECT ME!”

Edge, it needs not be said, has also done everything at every level, and any doubt as to his capability after his long retirement can be cast aside after his decisive victories in feuds with both Randy Orton and Seth Rollins— he may not be as good as he was at his best, but he’s still good enough to compete at a very high level against the best WWE has to offer.

And this brings us to the beating heart of this feud, the difference maker between the two. Edge knows he’s made it, that he’s the king on top of the mountain, whereas Miz as decorated as anybody, a guaranteed Hall of Famer, is still mentally in that hallway getting changed because he got kicked out of the locker room.

The A-Lister has a chip on his shoulder, bringing Maryse in as his accomplice and right hand to wing his way around Edge, but the Rated-R Superstar comes in cocky, defiant, one step ahead of the game, seeing through the ruse even as he gets beat down, coming back around to dump bad fake blood on them as they renew their vows.

So, the deck is stacked against Miz in this one— not only does have to beat his own feelings of insecurity, he has to beat a man he’s lost every encounter to, Edge being up 3-0 in singles encounters. The one saving grace is that all three were before Edge’s retirement, and Miz has only grown as a wrestler in the ten years since.

Can the A-Lister beat his own history or will the Rated-R Superstar steamroll him once again?


Who will win?

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