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Taz reacts to WWE Twitter biting ‘SEND HOOK’ slogan for Veer Mahaan

WWE definitely seems to be trolling with their long, slow rollout of former Major League Baseball prospect turned NXT tag wrestler turned Jinder Mahal henchman turned Raw Draft pick Veer Mahan. Last night was the tenth week of “Veer is Coming” teases on television, each with an accompanying tweet.

The Twitter team tweaked their formula this week, and lot of wrestling fans on the internet noticed how they were using a CM Punk phrase AEW’s used to promote viral sensation HOOK. Among the folks who noticed was HOOK’s dad, Taz.

The AEW announcer and manager continued to find the whole thing hilarious when others brought it up...

And like a good father (and worker), used it to plug some new merch for his boy...

For his part, HOOK didn’t have any comment. That continues his controversial trend of no selling competitor’s offense... another topic his pops had jokes about when someone referenced it in relation to the new shirt:

One day HOOK will wrestle Veer & everyone will rejoice. Remember this post.

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