NXT UK Recap & Reactions (Dec. 2, 2021): Championship Week

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This week we've got both NXT UK Titles on the line as Ilja Dragunov squares off against Rampage Brown and Xia Brookside tests herself against the Final Boss Meiko Satomura. We also get a rematch between Kenny Williams and Saxon Huxley.

Xia Brookside versus Meiko Satomura -- NXT UK Women's Championship match

We start off with the Women's division as the spoiled brat Brookside gets what she wants -- and what she wants is the title belt. We didn't get a huge amount of build up for this one but it's mostly about developing Brookside's new character.

Brookside was showing sher new heel nature in this one -- grabbing the hair, more vicious attacks, hiding in the ropes. Brookside was pretty good overall but in the end a Meiko Driver and a Scorpio Rising was too much for her as Satomura gets the pinfall and retains her NXT UK Championship!

Afterwards Emilia McKenzie and a television crew were waiting for Satomura backstage who informs us she'll be taking some time off. This prompts Blair Davenport to interrupt and ask McKenzie what she'll do without her protector. We learn later in the program that those two will fight next week. Davenport ends the segment with challenging Satomura to a match when she's back.

This Week's Promos

The Third Eye: Charlie Dempsey is hanging out near a sprial staircase when Rohan Raja comes down and leads him up to the rooftop patio. Raja passes on Teoman's gratitude and then asks Dempsey what's important to him: "Legacy. Heritage. Family." Teoman welcomes Dempsey to the group.

Gradwell versus Samuels: Sha Samuels is backstage with a book of odds for who'll be the next #1 Contender for the Heritage Cup. Gradwell takes offense to being the longest odds and challenges Samuels to a match.

Mustache Mountain versus Pretty Deadly: We get a recap package mixed in with interviews of the two teams talking about next week's match. This was really good work from all four men and in particular Seven's closing statements gave me goose bumps. I was already looking forward to this one and a great package like this just adds to that. I just wish they could do it in front of a big crowd.

Saxon Huxley versus Kenny Williams

This is a rematch from a couple of months ago when Williams got upset that Huxley interrupted his vandalism with some loud property destruction. Kenny Cockroach got the better of Huxley last time.

There was a bit of a fun spot where Williams was having difficulty rolling Huxley back into the ring but was eventually able to do so before the 10 count. Despite taking a beating Kenny Cockroach was living up to his spirit animal's resilience and looked to be about to win when Subculture's music and intro hit. This distracted Williams long enough for Huxley to get the pin fall victory!

This actually ends something of a winning streak for Williams. With the feud tied 1-1 expect to see a rubber stamp match between these two. It also helps to extend the feud between Williams and Subculture.

Rampage Brown versus Ilja Dragunov - NXT UK Men's Championship match

Finally we have Brown versus Dragunov! Two guys with a reputation for great matches and a big build up for this one. Tons of anticipation for this one!

Early in Dragunov put Brown in a standing side headlock and Brown slammed him to the matt but Dragunov didn't let go of the hold. He kept going back the headlock but eventually Brown gets the better of him sending him to ringside. This lets Brown send Dragunov into the ring post before tossing him back in. This leads to the "How much punishment can Dragunov take?" portion of the match.

The story in this one becomes the damage done to Dragunov's back. It interferes with his offense a few times but eventually he is able to execute a back body drop on Brown despite the pain. After an Enziguri from Dragunov the referee determines that Rampage Brown is injured and no longer able to compete. Dragunov retains his title via TKO!

I can't tell if this one was a work or not. They were showing Brown being attended to ringside which usually indicates it is a work. But on the other hand this match was incredibly short (about 10 minutes) making me think it actually was an injury. Either way I hope Brown is okay.

Overall: B+

Reminder/Introduction: A+ is a near perfect show, B+ is a good show, C+ is an average show, and anything less than that is not good.

Unfortunately the ending of the main event and the overall shortness of this episode dragged it down a fair bit. Brown and Dragunov were putting on a good match until they weren't. All in all it wasn't as jaw dropping as I was hoping but still a pretty good show.

Alright fellow Cagesiders, let the rest of us know how you feel about this one in the comments below!

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