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CMLL Roundup: Mistico & Averno feud intensifies, Torneo La Gran Alternativa phase 2, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world.

Heat is intensifying between Mistico and Averno. Last week, Averno pinned Mistico in trios competition. On Friday night (Dec. 17), trios action was on the menu once again. Mistico teamed with Soberano Jr. and Volador Jr., while Averno had Cavernario and Templario by his side.

Averno pinned Mistico after two triple powerbombs to take the first fall. The tecnicos evened the score on a Code Red from Volador and a corkscrew flying crossbody from Soberano. The third fall saw the rudos prevail. The bout came down to Mistico and Averno dueling in the ring. Averno bested Mistico once again. This time, Averno locked in an armbar for victory.

After the match, Averno demanded a shot at Mistico’s NWA World Historic Middleweight Championship. Mistico accepted on the condition that Averno accept mask versus hair. The title match should take place Christmas day.

Enjoy the rocking highlight reel.

Phase 2 of the Torneo de la Gran Alternativa also went down Friday. The concept is a tag team tournament pairing a youngster with a veteran. The results were:

  • Quarterfinals: Terrible & Magnus defeated Dragon Rojo Jr. & Inquisidor
  • Quarterfinals: Atlantis Jr. & Sangre Imperial defeated Angel de Oro & Halcon Suriano Jr.
  • Quarterfinals: Ultimo Guerrero & Disturbio defeated Atlantis & Electrico
  • Quarterfinals: Hechicero & Espanto Jr. defeated Titan & Diamond
  • Semifinals: Atlantis Jr. & Sangre Imperial defeated Terrible & Magnus
  • Semifinals: Ultimo Guerrero & Disturbio defeated Hechicero & Espanto Jr.
  • Final: Atlantis Jr. & Sangre Imperial defeated Ultimo Guerrero & Disturbio

The final erupted with a brawl on stage, then Atlantis Jr. entered the ring by leaping over the ropes for a crossbody. Sangre Imperial earned his keep when he kicked out on two super slams from Ultimo Guerrero. The tecnicos turned the tide for a double pin to win. Sangre planted Guerrero on a back-to-belly piledriver, and Atlantis connected on a frog splash to Disturbio. Atlantis and Sangre will wrestle Euforia & Coyote, the winners of phase 1, next week on Christmas.

We’ll close with Kemonito and luchador Christmas tree ornaments.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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