NXT UK Recap & Reactions (Dec. 16, 2021): New Heritage Cup Contender

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This week we have Nathan Frazer and A-Kid squaring off in a Heritage Cup #1 Contender's Match, Joe Coffey defending his family's honor against Charlie Dempsey, Mustache Mountain address the WWE Universe, and Kenny Williams faces Danny Jones.

Programming note: I will be on Christmas vacation the next two weeks and will not be able to cover NXT UK in a timely fashion. As such this will be my last recap before the new year.

Joe Coffey versus Charlie Dempsey

This is part of the ongoing feud between Gallus and Die Familie. Charlie Dempsey joined Die Familie after attacking Gallus a few weeks ago.

There was a cool spot where the two were grappling on the mat as Dempsey tried to lock in a double wrist lock. Coffey just stood on top of Dempsey's knees until he released. Dempsey later returned the favor by applying a hammer lock and rocking Coffey with elbow strikes. Coffey had Dempsey in a fireman's carry but Dempsey just fish hooked Coffey by the nostrils to get him to let go.

After an accidental head-to-head collision this match changed into a bareknuckle boxing match as both men just stood in the middle of the ring exchanging blows eventually leading to Coffey landing a lariat to give both men a needed rest break. Coffey was able to hit an aerial crossbody and a Glasgow Send Off and the shenanigans begin. Die Familie comes running out to ringside to save Dempsey and this draws the rest of Gallus out as well. Dempsey takes advantage of the confusion to put Joe in a headlock and score the submission victory!

This was a pretty good match with a great mix of technical and power wrestling as one would expect from these two. In terms of the feud this doesn't really settle a whole lot so expect all of that to continue. Gallus now have even more of a grievance against Die Familie so we'll see how they build from here.

This Week's Promos

Tag Team #1 Contenders: we get a video package of Mustache Mountain's victory over Pretty Deadly last week. We then cut to Sid Scala in his office where he announces that we'll be looking for some new challengers for Mustache Mountain. The first match will be in 3 weeks and will feature Symbiosis versus Ashton Smith/Oliver Carter, then the following week we'll have Die Familie versus Jack Starz/Dave Mastiff. The winners will then face off to determine the #1 Contenders. Personally I'm cheering for Ashton Smith/Oliver Carter winning over Die Familie (probably with some help from Gallus).

Jordan Devlin being goofy: we see him in a satirical rendition of all those stupid fragrance ads we get around Christmas time. It's honestly hilarious and well worth checking it out.

Meiko Satomura versus Blair Davenport: we get a video package for both women. Satomura says she knows Davenport was a champion in Japan but she never met Satomura in Japan. Davenport came here for the match that has eluded her. The Top Gaijin conquered Japan but now Satomura is in a foreign land. This will be in 3 weeks.

Mustache Mountain Address the WWE Universe

After some "You Deserve It!" chants (they do deserve it) the duo get on the microphone to discuss their win. Seven brings up the rather sobering question about what he does next after they lose these belts and says he doesn't know how much he has left. But he does have the tag title so he's going to keep fighting for as long as he can keep the belt. They discuss that Bate is the first ever NXT UK Grand Slam champion. This sparks a "Big strong boy!" chant. Seven ends the segment thanking everyone in the company and thanking the WWE Universe for sticking with them.

This really sounds like it's Seven's last run. Hopefully he'll have a long run to finish it out.

Danny Jones versus Kenny Williams

The Cockroach is more concerned with Mark Andrews but when the latter doesn't appear when summoned on the microphone the contest proceeds as scheduled. Jones gets a bit of offense in the middle of the short match but in the end Williams scores the pin fall victory!

After the commercial break we come back to discover that Williams has assaulted Andrews backstage and taken his Subculture jacket.

Nathan Frazer versus A-Kid -- Heritage Cup #1 Contender's Match

There wasn't a ton of buildup for this one. We know A-Kid can go but I've been questioning Frazer for a while here now. Frazer put on a really good show in the triple threat match with Rampage Brown and A-Kid a couple of months ago. We'll what these two can put together this week.

Round 1: The two baby faces exchange a hand shake to start the match. A-Kid dominates the first half of this round with his technical style scoring the first near fall just past the half-way mark. My only gripe being that he mostly went for arm bars and locks on an opponent that does flippy shit so you should be targeting the legs. No decision. Round 2: A-Kid resumes with a slow pace focusing on holds. Frazer however is able to escape and picks up the pace. Halfway through the round Frazer does a cool flip to escape a seated head scissors and then lands a springboard cross body. Frazer scores a pin fall shortly there after! Frazer leads 1-0.

Round 3: A-Kid charges Frazer's corner like the Spanish Bull he is and goes careening into the turnbuckle as Frazer dodges out of the way. This round is really good. A-Kid dominates most of the second minute with a variety of submissions combined with nasty kicks and chops. Frazer is able to survive and picks up the pace with some great moves. The round ends with A-Kid wrenching on Frazer's fingers but the bell rings with no decision. Frazer still leads 1-0.

Round 4: A-Kid tries a sleeper right away but Frazer escapes and counters with an attempted stomp from the top turnbuckle. As A-Kid gets back up Frazer comes charging in with a slingblade. The action picks up so fast on this round that I can't cover this blow by blow. After an amazing sequence of moves A-Kid scores a pin fall! Tied 1-1. Round 5: A-Kid starts this one with a fisherman's suplex. Frazer lays out A-Kid with a big kick as A-Kid finished a kip up. Frazer gets the better of A-Kid throughout most of this round but in the end A-Kid wins it with a submission. A-Kid wins 2-1.

Okay after all my skepticism at the start Frazer did really well in this one. This was a banger of a match but I do think the more appropriate wrestler won. A-Kid versus Noam Dar will be better in the short term. Frazer is showing signs that he can be a main event fixture in the future if he keeps progressing like this.

Overall: B+

Reminder/introduction: A+ is a near perfect show, B+ is a good show, C+ is an average show, and anything less than that is not good.

This was a pretty good episode all around. The only weak part was Kenny Williams' match but that was really a squash in service of the feud between Williams and Andrews. Both the opening match and the main event were good wrestling matches. I'm a little disappointed that the women didn't get on TV this week which definitely affected the rating. I'd have rather had Blair Davenport squashing one of the enhancement talents than the Williams match but then I'm not his biggest fan.

Alright Cagesiders let the rest of us know how you feel in the comments below. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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