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CMLL Roundup: Two new champions, Torneo La Gran Alternativa phase 1, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world.

Soberano Jr. won the vacant CMLL World Middleweight Championship on Friday night (Dec. 10).

Cuatrero was stripped of the belt after leaving as a free agent for AAA. Soberano competed against Templario in the tournament final to crown a new titleholder. Soberano closed out with a pumphandle piledriver for victory.

Enjoy the highlight reel. There are plenty of cool slams and flying attacks within.

Phase 1 of the Torneo de la Gran Alternativa also took place Friday. The idea is to team a youngster with a veteran for a tag tournament. The results were:

  • Quarterfinals: Cavernario & Rugido defeated Blue Panther & Cachorro
  • Quarterfinals: Euforia & Coyote defeated Panterita del Ring & Panterita del Ring Jr.
  • Quarterfinals: Volador Jr. & Magia Blanca defeated Stuka Jr. & Sonic
  • Quarterfinals: Gran Guerrero & Akuma defeated Mephisto & Enfermero Jr.
  • Semifinals: Euforia & Coyote defeated Cavernario & Rugido
  • Semifinals: Volador Jr. & Magia Blanca defeated Gran Guerrero & Akuma
  • Final: Euforia & Coyote defeated Volador Jr. & Magia Blanca

The final started with fire when Volador and Magia leaped off the upper stage for dual flying crossbodies. Euforia and Coyote persevered to prevail in the end. Coyote pinned Volador on a Mexican Destroyer, and Euforia submitted Magia on a surfboard variation.

Phase 2 will take place next week, and the tournament finale will be on Christmas.

Averno returned to the big show in CMLL to go after Mistico’s mask. Averno teamed with Terrible & Angel de Oro to wrestle Mistico, Fugaz, & Star Jr. in the Friday night main event. The rudos won both falls in a sweep. Averno pinned Mistico for the overall victory after pulling off Mistico’s mask to trap in a roll-up.

CMLL often relies on mask challenges to build heat, and most never amount to much. I think this case might have some legs toward a primo bout. Ever since CMLL went to the weekly PPV model through Ticketmaster Live, they have been upping the ante of the Friday shows with a steady stream of championship bouts and tournaments. When a major event rolls around, Mistico versus Averno in mask versus hair could be the draw to sell.

Panterita del Ring Jr. won the Mexican National Lightweight Championship on Saturday. He dethroned Electrico. The former champ’s reign lasted 3,042 days since winning the strap in 2013. Panterita is the son of Ephesto, who worked under the Panterita del Ring name earlier in his career. Ephesto reverted back to his Panterita identity when his son joined CMLL.

CMLL is kicking off the new year with a 12-man mask versus hair cage match on January 1. The last man left will have to sacrifice his mask or hair. Espiritu Negro, Sangre Imperial, Dulce Gardenia, Stigma, Pegasso, Audaz, Disturbio, Coyote, Akuma, Polvora, Nitro, and Okumura are the contestants risking it all.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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