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Briscoes win ROH tag titles for 12th time, FTR ruins celebration at Final Battle

The Briscoes did it! Tag team action! Jay and Mark won the ROH World Tag Team Championship for the 12th time at Final Battle. Then, their celebration was rudely interrupted by FTR.

First things first. The Briscoes competed against OGK in the co-main event. The magnitude of the moment was felt with the Briscoe children sitting ringside. Matt Taven and Mike Bennett had a trick up their sleeve by bringing Maria Kanellis as the First Lady of Professional Wrestling.

The Briscoes and OGK took each other to the limit in the title contest. The action was fast and furious with neither team gaining a true edge midway in. OGK finally turned the the tide on a hot tag to Bennett. He clobbered Jay with a brainbuster and rolling elbow. Bennett hung Jay out to dry on the apron so Taven could come crashing down with a flying splash.

Back in the ring, all four men engaged in a donnybrook. The Briscoes found their groove for a suicide dive, dropkick through the ropes, and a Blockbuster down to the floor. Mark nailed Taven with a Spicolli driver and a Froggy Bow. The end seemed near. 1, 2, Maria pulled on the referee’s foot to prevent the three-count.

Mark confronted Maria on the apron for trifling in their affairs. Bennett crouched in wait from behind and shot forward for a spear. Mark dodged. Maria took the contact from her husband.

Bennett didn’t lose much time with concern for his wife. He hit a piledriver to Jay on the floor. OGK then set up an electric chair suicide dive as Mark sat on Bennett’s shoulders for Taven to come crashing through. Mark showed the heart of a champion by kicking out on the cover. OGK took it to the next level with a teamwork kick into backpack stunner. Mark kicked out again. Spike piledriver by OGK. This time, Jay dove in for the save on the pinfall.

Bennett went for another piledriver, but Jay countered for a Jay Driller. Taven hit a spinning heel kick to stun Jay. Taven landed a knee to put Mark down on the mat. Taven launched for a flying splash, but Mark got his knees up. Jay pounced for a Jay Driller. 1, 2, Taven kicked out. Doomsday device. 1, 2, Taven kicked out. Taven defiantly taunted that they have to kill him if they want to win the titles. Jay obliged with a Jay Driller. Mark landed the Froggy Bow. 1, 2, 3. New champs.

Great match. Entertaining, exciting, enthralling. The good times didn’t end there.

The Briscoes spoke on the mic to thank the fans. It might be the end of an era, but it damn sure isn’t the end of the Briscoes. Any tag team that wants a piece, come get it. Lights out. Lights on. FTR!

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler were on the apron looking to fight. Heated fisticuffs erupted. Security separated the teams. FTR cursed up a storm with swear words. FTR picked up the ROH tag titles, placed them on the mat, then rushed out of the ring for round 2 of fisticuffs. Security eventually succeeded in keeping the teams apart.

Briscoes versus FTR is a dream match waiting to happen, and now we are one step closer. With ROH on hiatus until April 2022, it is up to AEW to capitalize on the fervor for this feud.

For now, let’s celebrate the Briscoes becoming 12-time ROH tag champs.

Are you rooting for the Briscoes or FTR?

Get the full results from ROH’s end of an era at Final Battle here.

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