The Nightly: December 1st, 2021

Hello Nightly!!!

British Bulldog and Owen Hart vs. Legion Of Doom:

Hart Foundation would win via Godwinns interference.

Flash Funk vs. Brian Christopher:

Considering that Brian Christopher had a match against Scott Putski on the Ground Zero show, as opposed to Flash Funk, who was not on the show if I remember correctly, Flash winning clean here was an odd choice.

Ken Shamrock vs. The Sultan:

Decent match.

Jesse James vs. Brian Pillman:

Goldust interferes yet again, and Pillman challenges him to another match at Ground Zero. If Pillman loses, he would leave WWF forever. If Pillman won, he would have Marlena for thirty days. Yeah, to say that this angle hasn’t aged well would be one hell of an understatement.

The Patriot vs. Vader:

Alright match, Vader turns face after the match for some reason?

Undertaker and Mankind vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Shawn Michaels:

This was the first time that DX would team together. HBK would completely crush a chair over Taker to get his team DQed.

Overall, this was a decent Raw. Still quite enjoyable, especially as a more or less go home show for Raw, as they would be pre-empted for the next couple of weeks.

On to the Nightly.

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