Becky's Heel Run: An observation, thoughts, and future fantasy booking for it.

I have so many thoughts running through my mind relating to Becky’s heel turn, which is still discussed plenty of how much it’s working or not, should it have happened or not. No matter how unhappy I am that it happened, I still think there can be a logical explanation that caused Becky’s character to get to where she is today, as well as a logical story to tell for Becky’s heel run, when it ends and what causes it, as well as what brings her back to being a babyface, because when you’re as good of a babyface as Becky is, you don’t waste that with a long heel run. Of course, this is far more effort than WWE has put into it, but whatever.

Becky’s character left on top and had been on top for over a year at the time of her pregnancy. Being gone for so long likely made Becky want to be back on top right away and she thought no matter how she did it, the fans would be happy, she was quite wrong. Her winning how she did at SummerSlam didn’t exactly bring favor with all the fans, and it shocked Becky, because she felt she was bulletproof with the fans. She felt they turned on her for cheap shotting Bianca at SummerSlam, when she had done the same before and they didn’t mind. This angered Becky, which caused her to lash out at them initially, not realizing that it was her own fault.

The way Becky won at SummerSlam would have a domino effect for Becky’s mindset as well, as it would increase her arrogance, as well as her desperation to stay champion, which has been shown in how she’s won all her matches since then. She is so desperate to stay champion, because that’s all she’s known since WM35, that she doesn’t know what she’ll be without being a champion. Bianca even pointed it out in a promo that she said Becky is nothing without the title. While that is inaccurate, with what Becky has become since she returned, Becky likely feels that Bianca may be right, but is unwilling to admit it. She doesn’t what she’ll be without the championship, and it frightens her.

With all of Becky’s continued winning by any means necessary, or as Becky said herself "There is no terrible way to win, there is only winning", Becky’s arrogance has consumed her. She no longer cares about any adulation or support by anyone. It’s all about her own success, everyone else is beneath her. Being "Big Time Becks" in her mind makes her more important and above everyone. Even when the fans cheered her for beating her arch rival in Charlotte Flair, she didn’t care about it and instead told them their support was worthless. She has lost sight of everything that brought her to the top. This attitude will almost certainly stay with her as long she holds a championship, it very likely could get worse.

For things to change, Becky needs to be broken, not once, but twice. She needs to be broken in order to be brought back to what she once was. The first break for her needs to be losing her championship, the root cause of what has changed her. When should that happen? It could happen at Day 1 or the Rumble, but honestly losing at WrestleMania 38 is probably the best time. Who should take the title? Bianca makes the most sense, considering that’s where it all started. Bianca beats Becky at WrestleMania 38 to become the RAW Women’s Champion and take the one thing that has consumed her since she returned.

Like most former champions, she’ll try and take the title back in a rematch(May PPV) in a desperate attempt to be champion again. She’ll fail, because she’s losing herself, and she’ll fail badly. Coming off that, Becky will continue to fall. She’ll blame everyone but herself for her recent failures, which will bring her into a confrontation with a newly reformed babyface Bayley, who has recently returned as a babyface. Bayley has come back and become what to many she had been, a true "role model" and not just repeatedly telling everyone she was as a heel. Bayley will tell Becky that everything that has happened recently to her is her own fault. Becky has pushed away her main support over the years, the fans, and became so obsessed with being a champion that she lost herself. Becky scoffs at that and says everything is just fine and wants Bayley to shut up. Bayley challenges Becky to a match at the next PPV and tells Becky if she wants to try and shut her up, then she’ll accept the challenge. Becky accepts.

Becky vs. Bayley happens at the June PPV. There are multiple ways this match could go, Bayley could just win, or Becky could desperately get herself DQ’d. Either way things would continue to escalate, and Becky would spiral out of control even more. This would lead to another confrontation where Bayley would challenge Becky to the one match Bayley believes would finally end Becky’s delusions, and "I Quit" Match. Becky tells Bayley she’ll never quit, and that Bayley will regret ever getting herself involved in Becky’s business. Bayley says that Becky has quit on everyone and everything that got her to the top and come MITB she’ll quit herself. MITB comes, with Bayley having an "I Quit" match one year after she was supposed to have one vs. Bianca Belair. After a brutal 22 minutes, Bayley forces Becky to say "I Quit".

The following night on RAW, Becky comes out with no music, distraught. She tells everyone last night was a trigger for her, it made her realize how much of an asshole she’s been for the past 11 months. How much she changed and not for the better, but she needs time to fix herself. She announces she’ll be taking a leave of absence to get better. A few months after this, Alexa Bliss, who has been back as the goddess (and a heel) for quite a while, comes out for a promo and talks about how right she was about Becky Lynch being a joke all those years ago, a loser, and as of a few months ago, a quitter. Alexa insults Becky some more before leaving. The next two weeks Alexa continues the insults, but is interrupted by lower card babyfaces, who while they may not care for Becky, are tired of Alexa running her mouth. Alexa beats them both. The following week, before Alexa can speak, Bayley comes out. Alexa congratulates Bayley for forcing Becky to quit and showing everyone what Becky truly is. A loser and a quitter. Bayley tells Alexa she didn’t do that for Alexa, or even herself. She did it for Becky and for all the people who had supported Becky, who wanted a better Becky. Bayley and Alexa face off at the next PPV, to which Alexa cheats to win. The following night on RAW, Alexa comes out to gloat, which brings Bayley out. Before they fight, Becky’s music hits and she makes a determined walk to the ring and gets in Bayley’s face. Alexa laughs at both expecting them to fight, but instead Becky tells Bayley, "Thank You" before turning around and clotheslining Alexa.

Alexa eventually escapes before Becky can do more damage. The following week Becky comes out and fully apologizes for her attitude she had for so long and she thanks Bayley for forcing Becky to "Quit" on that destructive attitude. She took a necessary break to fix herself and now she’s back. She is no longer "BigTimeBecks", she’s not even "The Man", though that’ll always be a part of her, she is Becky Lynch and she’s here to do some lass kicking, and maybe even a little punning. The first person for her is Alexa Bliss, the one person she has not been able to get a debt repaid for her past transgressions, and Alexa will pay for everything.

This would be Becky’s first feud back as a babyface, afterwards who knows. Of course, this is just fantasy booking, but I think this is the best way for Becky’s heel run to end and for her to turn back to a babyface. That said, Becky will probably still be a heel for a quite awhile after my fantasy booking timeline ends(Late 2022).

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