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CMLL Roundup: King of the Underworld Championship, TJP leading NJPW group, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world.

One of the cool parts about watching promotions who operate outside the USA is observing the cultural twists. For example, Halloween coincides with Day of the Dead in Mexico. CMLL honored that tradition with the King of the Underworld Championship. Terrible came in as reigning titleholder, while Atlantis Jr. won a qualifying match to earn the right to challenge.

Atlantis Jr. almost won the belt with a dramatic leaping crossbody over the ropes into the ring. During flight, the referee had to duck down, then he hopped over the pile to be able to see Terrible’s shoulders while counting the pinfall. Those precious seconds may have given Terrible enough time to recover for a kick-out. In the end, Terrible blocked a clothesline to counter with a hammerlock roll-up for the win. Terrible remains Rey del Inframundo for another year.


Despite the COVID pandemic making talent exchanges between CMLL and NJPW more difficult, both promotions still seem intent on making it happen. TJP recently arrived representing NJPW. This time, he came alone, however, he teased more NJPW wrestlers on their way as the United Empire.

TJP tagged with CMLL luchador Templario against Volador Jr. and Titan. TJP strutted his stuff during the third fall to pin Titan on an inverted facelock elbow drop. Volador rallied to counter a teamwork electric chair flying dropkick into a reverse rana as he was knocked down to the mat. A superkick stunned TJP long enough for Volador to pin Templario. Volador continued his hot streak with a Mexican Destroyer on TJP to win the match.

There are dandy moves aplenty on this highlight reel.

Backstage, TJP spoke about his luchador career coming full circle as rudo to tecnico to rudo again. When TJP returns, he promises to bring friends from NJPW.

As of now, no dates or talent have been announced for TJP to follow through on his words. If the United Empire is a hint, then he might be working with Will Ospreay or Jeff Cobb.

CMLL brought in Japanese wrestlers Tsukasa Fujimoto, Tsukushi, and Momo Kohgo to compete in the first Amazonas International Grand Prix. The rules wre Mexico against the rest of the world in a torneo cibernetico. The sides included:

  • Team Mexico: Marcela, Amapola, Jarochita, Pincesa Sugehit, Dark Silueta, Lluvia, & Reyna Isis
  • Team World: Dalys (Panama), Stephanie Vaquer (Chile), Avispa Dorada (USA), Sonya (Costa Rica), and the Japanese trio Tsukasa Fujimoto, Tsukushi, & Momo Kohgo

The finish came down to Dark Silueta alone against Fujimoto and Tsukushi. Silueta evened the odds by pinning Fujimoto on a bridging German suplex. Silueta made Mexico proud by outlasting Tsukushi to win the match on a superplex.

The full match (here) is available on CMLL’s YouTube channel. To view all the eliminations, enjoy the highlight package.

Also of note, Angel de Oro won the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship from Felino. Angel ended Felino’s reign at 105 days.

Princesa Sugehit & Dalys defeated Jarochita & Dark Silueta in the finals of an incredible pairs tournament.

Who would you like to see join TJP as representatives of NJPW in CMLL?

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