NXT UK Recap & Reactions (Nov. 4, 2021): Who's the (Final) Boss?

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This week we have The Final Boss Meiko Satomura defending her Championship against The Fashionista Jinny, Flash Morgan Webster versus Rampage Brown, Ilja Dragunov has some words after his defense a few weeks ago against A-Kid, and Angel Hayze makes her debut against Isla Dawn.

Rampage Brown versus Flash Morgan Webster

Webster continued his current gimmick of slapping people to challenge them to matches. Rampage wasn't having any of that last week but told him that if he wants a match he can have one. And here we are. Apparently this gimmick has been going on for 3 months now. Wow time flies.

This was a pretty darn good match. The story was that Webster had finally bitten off more than he could chew. And for the first part of this match that was true. Rampage was absolutely killing him and taunting him about wanting to play with the big boys. Webster showed his resilience and was able to mount quite the comeback in the middle portion of the match but in the end Rampage was just too much for him. Pin fall victory for the big guy!

I'm glad Rampage won this one as it seemed like he'd been losing a fair bit lately. He also made Webster look really good in his loss and really furthered the plucky underdog image Webster was going for here. It's worth pointing out that the crowd was very much in favor of Rampage Brown in this one which was amusing given they were trying to get Webster over as a plucky baby face.

This Week's Promos

Heritage Cup: We get a video package about what happened last week in the Championship match between Tyler Bate and the new Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar. We see Bate backstage earlier today when Seven interrupts his interview to apologize. Bate accepts the apology and Seven is thrilled. He's also excited that he's spoken to Johnny Saint and Mustache Mountain has been added to the Tag Team #1 Contender's Match making it a fatal 4 way instead of a triple threat. Bate doesn't seem terribly into it honestly.

Sid Scala in his Office: He's being asked about the Women's Championship match tonight when Xia Brookside interrupts and demands that she get a shot at the winner. When Sid says no she has a big pout and then calls her father as she storms off. This feels like a bit of a shift for her character to a spoiled brat gimmick.

Gradwell is jealous of A-Kid: We see a video package of all the Spanish language coverage of A-Kid over the past year. Then we cut out to Gradwell in front of the NXT UK backdrop who tells us he's tired of all the attention on that little kid. Looks like we'll be getting Gradwell versus A-Kid soon.

Subculture after the match: We see a beat up Webster being warned by the rest of the group that he's going to get hurt. Stevie Turner interrupts as the camera crew asks him about the match. This leads to Turner and Dani Luna exchanging words.

Teoman and Rohan Raja: They're at the table disucssing their upcoming match with Gallus. They say Gallus is not family. Raja is worried about Joe Coffey but Teoman says not to worry because The Eye will be watching. Holy crap is Joe going to be the next member of Teoman's family!

Catch Up with Nathan Frazer: He's in the break room doing some tape study of Mark Andrews when Subculture enters. Andrews is excited to see this and is willing to have a match with Frazer. This is probably the most interesting Frazer's been for months.

Angel Hayze versus Isla Dawn

This is Hayze's debut match for NXT UK and she gets to face Dawn's witchy ways. Andy and Nigel remind us that Dawn hasn't been winning lately but has been claiming trinkets from her opponents for some sort of ritual she's putting together.

This one ended very abruptly when Dawn got disqualified for grabbing Hayze' hair. Hayze didn't really get much of a chance to show any offense in this one and gets an extra beating from Dawn for her troubles. The crowd chanted "You suck!" at Dawn afterwards and Dawn flipped them the double birds.

Ilja Dragunov Speaks!

Three weeks after his successful title defense against A-Kid we finally get to hear from the Tsar!

To chants of "Unbesiegbar" Ilja talks about how great it feels to be Champion and how he got over his self doubts and to get to such a high after such lows. He's now ready to put this brand on a new level. He'll do this by stepping into the ring and fighting like his whole life depends on it. For that he'll need next level competitors -- one of which was A-Kid. Ilja says some really nice things about A-Kid.

As Ilja is signing off with his "Long live the Tsar!" we suddenly hear Rampage Brown's music hit. The two have words and Ilja accepts the challenge for the Championship match before Rampage lays him out with a clothesline.

Jinny versus Meiko Satomura -- Women's Championship Match

Before the match we have a backstage segment as Satomura heads to the ring. Jinny tells her to enjoy her last night of being the Final Boss when Blair Davenport approaches. Now that she's reinstated she doesn't care who wins tonight they just need to know that she's coming for them.

The match starts off with some strikes from Satomura and a chant of "Meiko's going to kill you!" from the fans in attendance. Eventually Jinny starts to get some offense in working Satomura over with some submissions and targeting Satomura's left knee. Jinny's dominating about 8 minutes in when Jinny slaps Satomura across the face and inadvertenly fires up the Champion. Satomura proceeds to take Jinny apart with strikes leading to a near fall.

Satomura goes to the top turnbuckle but Jinny counters her into The Makeover. This allows Jinny to lock in a half Boston crab in the middle of the ring. After a seeming eternity Satomura is able to struggle to the ropes to break the hold. Jinny tries to take advantage with a ripcord scissor kick but Satomura counters and goes to the top turnbuckle to execute a frog splash. This lets Satomura lock in a crippler crossface but Jinny manages to struggle her way to the ropes.

At this point that scumbag Joseph Conners starts to get involved by climbing up on the apron and yelling at Satomura. Emlia McKenzie jumps up and takes him out with a DDT. Satomura hits a Scorpio Rising followed by a fireman's slam before pinning Jinny, 1, 2, 3! Satomura remains your NXT UK Women's Champion!

This was a pretty fun match that didn't really drag at all. Both these women are really good wrestlers and showed why they're the top performers right now. At least until Blair Davenport enters the ring with Satomura...

Overall: A

Reminder/Introduction: A+ is a near perfect show, B+ is a good show, C+ is an average show, and anything below that is not good.

We had two really good matches in this one and only the one stinker. In addition to that I felt like all the taped segments and promos were really on point this week. There's a ton of matches being set up for which I'm super excited. But this one was all about The Final Boss and The Fashionista.

Let the rest of us know how you feel about this one in the comments fellow Cagesiders!

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