Tag Team Weekly Roundup and Power Rankings: New women’s tag champs, but does it matter?

First things first: congrats to the Beauty Queens (that's their Cageside names, at least) of Carmella and Queen Zelina for winning the women's tag championship on Raw. Zelina has gone from a losing streak when she returned to being one of the more pushed women, and this is the only gold really available with Becky and Charlotte Flair seemingly enthroned atop their divisions.

And there's the rub, really: With a women's roster brimming with talent who likely won't dislodge the champs, they need something to fight for. That was (maybe) the thought behind the women's tag titles, and it's given us some fun champs like Golden Role Models, Kabuki Warriors and IIconics. But now the belts changing on a Raw with little pre-promotion that sort of confirms if you think they are an afterthought.

While Super Brutality were an interesting team-up at first, WWE stopped exploring the odd couple dynamic and beat us over the head with the idea that Nikki A.S.H. was the weak link. Sure enough, she took the pin. Unless there's a redemption arc for the near superhero, that's not exactly a way to make her worth taking seriously.

It does put Rhea Ripley back in a position for a title chase if this is it for the team. That would be the good news, but the less rosy development would be going back down to one women's tag team on the whole roster. One. While you have acts sitting in catering for weeks at a time.

Maybe we'll see Naomi and Aliyah or Sasha, or all three, team up to fight the new authority, and they would be fun in the ring, have a logical origin story and align well against heel champs. Anybody beyond that feels random, unless more women come up from NXT, although WWE loves their random teams so who knows?

In the meantime, it seems like the Beauty Queens probably could have a nice run, since they have no real competition. But they -- and the ghost of a division -- deserve better.

The following Tag Team Power Rankings take into account wins, power and placement of segments, recentness of appearances, creative direction and momentum for teams and factions.

WWE Tag Team Power Rankings through Nov. 27:

1. The Bloodline (last week: 2)

Pro: Still all wearing gold, and Roman bested Big E at Survivor Series.
Con: The Usos couldn't get the job done against RK-Bro, and Brock Lesnar is apparently on his way back.

2. RK-Bro (5)

Pro: Still champs. Defeated The Usos at Survivor Series then Riddle defeated Dolph Ziggler on Raw.
Con: Is this Randy cosplay a little too weird or perfectly in character?

3. Beauty Queens (Carmella and Queen Zelina) (not ranked)

Pro: New women's tag champions!
Con: What's left for them to do with almost no teams on the scene?

4. AJ Styles and Omos (4)

Pro: Picked up a DQ win over Street Profits, with Omos looking dominant as always.
Con: That booking really limits what they can do: win, have AJ take a pin or have a DQ.

5. Toxic Attraction (3)

Pro: Still all wearing gold and will be the focus of one WarGames match.
Con: Mandy took a loss (albeit with a distraction) to Cora Jade.

6. Imperium (7)

Pro: Still the NXT men's champions.
Con: Still getting only limited TV time.

7. Los Lotharios (not ranked)

Pro: Angel scored a win over Rick Boogs as they continued to get broadcast time.
Con: Their program seems to be jogging in place.

8. Legado del Fantasma (not ranked)

Pro: Their leader Santos Escobar is back with a dominant win, and they'll have a shot at getting a shot at the gold.
Con: Knowing Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner might go over them for that opportunity.

9. Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter (not ranked)

Pro: Picked up a win and might be crawling toward another shot at the gold.
Con: NXT hasn't yet given them a run with the belts.

10. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen (not ranked)

Pro: Finally picked up a win against a top team in upsetting Grizzled Young Veterans.
Con: Unclear if NXT is indeed booking GYV as a top team any more.

Best tag segment of the week: Whatever the state of the division, having new main-roster women's champions deserves the nod, even though the Usos/RK-Bro match was very good.

Grade: A-

WWE found a way to get tag champs onto every show, some doing more or less than others, but at least -- with the exception of the women's division, which still had a title change -- they do seem to be working on some depth.

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