The Nightly: November 26th, 2021

Hello Nightly!!!

So had to work Black Friday, and it went pretty well, all things considered. Pretty busy, obviously, but it could have been much worse. I’m just glad that I didn’t have to work the morning, that would probably have been a disaster. Honestly, I slept in for most of the morning, was super tired. But everything went well, no super special deals like the PS5 yesterday, but just a ton of traffic. I have tomorrow off, so it’ll be nice to just lay around the house for a bit, maybe catch up on some games. Did start on Beatles Get Back n Disney Plus, and I am quite liking it, it’s kind of surreal to see new-ish footage of the Beatles, just jamming and collaborating. It’s really fascinating, and I am looking forward to seeing the rest, even if it is gonna be a super long watch.

On to the Nightly.

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