NXT UK Recap & Reactions (Nov. 25, 2021): Battle of the Motor Mouths

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This week we have a big match between Mark Andrews and Jordan Devlin, Aleah James versus Isla Dawn, Angel Hayze versus Jinny, and a main event match between Sam Gradwell and Noam Dar.

Jordan Devlin versus Mark Andrews

Before this one started we see Andrews behind the curtain wondering where his Subculture stablemates were. Finally Flash Morgan Webster runs up but he wasn't able to find Dani Luna anywhere.

The Irish Ace started this one in charge but that changed after some taunting and in particular mocking Andrews's concern for Luna. Throughout this match Andrews fed off a very supportive crowd eventually hitting a gorgeous tornado DDT. This leads to some sustained offense for him including his really cool roll-up stomp which he combos into some rope work leading to a sit-out powerbomb. Devlin hit a really cool cutter where he was tossed over the ropes but then used the ropes to launch himself back in to complete the move.

The end portions of this match were pretty cool. Devlin escaped to ringside after Andrews hit a Stundog Millionaire but Andrews was then able to land a moonsault from the second turnbuckle to Devlin standing on the floor. Andrews nearly won it with a Code Red but in the end Devlin scored the pin fall victory after a head butt/Devlin side slam combo.

Later we see Andrews waiting near the infirmary to hear the results of Flash's physical. Just as Flash comes out Kenny Williams shows up and starts picking a fight. Looks like we're headed for Mark Andrews versus Kenny Williams.

The booking continues to be really weird for Andrews to the point where I really don't know what they're trying to do with him. It seems like they are teasing a Subculture break up but they keep having segments like this showing his loyalty to the group. Given that Luna might be injured (see Jinny's comments below) and that Flash is recovering Andrews might just be treading water until they're back. Just puzzling all around.

This Week's Promos

Mustache Mountain versus Pretty Deadly 2: Sid Scala informs us that the Tag Team Championship match will be happening in 2 weeks' time. Later we catch up to Mustache Mountain getting each other psyched up. In two weeks they'll be champions. We then cut to Pretty Deadly who say that the only thing better than beating Mustache Mountain is beating them twice.

Gallus: We see them in a weirdly lit locker room upset about their loss against Teoman/Raja and the beat down from those two plus Charlie Dempsey last week. They figure it's even numbers now. Dempsey got his one cheap shot in so now Joe's going to kick his head in.

Xia Brookside is so spoiled: Earlier in the week Brookside barges into Sid's office demanding a Championship match. Sid gives it to her but next week which sends Brookside into quite the tantrum. Sid quiets her by saying "Next week or not at all!" This new character is amazing for Brookside -- she was made to pout.

Nina Samuels Show: Samuels tries to interview Meiko Satomura while Satomura and Emilia McKenzie were training at the Performance Center. McKenzie told Samuels to go away and leave them alone so Samuels does. Kind of a weird segment and the first one of these that didn't really work for me.

Dragunov versus Brown: We get Dragunov telling us that Brown showed him great respect by attacking him like that since it means Brown considers Dragunov a big threat. Dragunov is now doing this for the WWE Universe. Brown on the other hand is annoyed at having to do an interview. He doesn't care about respect he just wants the title and to get paid. Brown's going to make Dragunov suffer.

Aleah James versus Isla Dawn

We see a recap of James being attacked by Dawn last week. Dawn comes to the ring with her little witch's box full of sympathetic links to the various Women's division opponents.

The two women started this one with some good chain wrestling leading into some good rope work. After an extended amount of Dawn offense James gets back on offense with a series of running cross bodies leading to a near fall. However, in the end it was Dawn with a standing side slam for the pin fall victory.

Afterwards Dawn gives back the hair tie that she stole from James last week. The implication seems to be that she got the win because she had the item. This was another good match from James and if Dani Luna is injured (see below) then the door's wide open for James to move up the card.

Angel Hayze versus Dani Luna Jinny

There wasn't a huge amount of set up for this one. But it didn't matter because Jinny comes out saying that Subculture will have to live without Luna for a long time thanks to her. Jinny has also ended her business relationship with Joseph Conners. She's going to get her winning streak back on track by beating Hayze.

Hayze gets one hope spot before Jinny hits the Makeover to score the pin fall victory. Not much to say about this one except to wonder what's going on with Luna and Conners.

Noam Dar versus Sam Gradwell

Apart from a recap of what happened last week we also get a video package from the hotel earlier in the week where Dar and Sha partying too loudly is keeping Gradwell awake. A very irate Gradwell confronts them. Then Sid was going to announce something in front of the NXT UK backdrop when Gradwell storms up demanding to know why this isn't a Heritage Cup Championship match. Dar and Samuels come in to argue but Johnny Saint (!) shows up and tells us we'll do whatever Sid wants! And Sid wants it to be a Championship match! Before the match we see Dar and Samuels covering up A-Kid's and Tyler Bate's name plates with tape.

Round 1: Gradwell scores a pin fall decision in this one by using his knee brace to knock out Dar. Afterwards Samuels needs to drag Dar back to his corner and prop him up. Gradwell leads 1-0. Round 2: Turns out Dar might have been playing possum as he kicks out of a quick pin attempt by Gradwell. Dar scores a pin fall after a Nova Roller. Tied 1-1. Round 3: After the screwiness of the first two rounds we seem to get back on track at the start of this one. Both men get in some offense before Dar locks in the Champagne Superkneebar and procedes to loosen Gradwell's knee brace. However the round ends with no decision. Still tied 1-1.

Round 4: Dar charges Gradwell's corner to start this one as Gradwell struggles with the damage to his knee. Gradwell's able to overcome this and score a near fall but eventually Dar gets back on offense. In the end the Champagne Superkneebar and Samuels's shenanigans were too much for Gradwell as he submits. Dar wins 2-1.

Overall: C

Reminder/Introduction: A+ is a near perfect show, B+ is a good show, C+ is an average show, and anything below that is not good.

This one was pretty lack luster for me. The book ends were decent but nothing amazing and the two matches in between didn't have any heat on them at all. Just a resounding "Meh!" from me.

As usual let everyone know how you feel in the comments below fellow Cagesiders!

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