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AEW Dynamite Preview (Nov 24, 2021): Sweet Home Chicago

All Elite Wrestling comes our way from the Wintrust Arena in Chicago. Last week, a bruised and battered Omega told the Dynamite audience that he will take some time off to heal, but don’t worry, Adam Cole has “got this.” We celebrated National Cowboy Shit day, but Bryan Danielson ruined it but then fixed it when he went one-on-one with Dark Orders Evil Uno. Eddie Kingston decided catering was worth his time more than 2.0. The Forbidden Door was smashed to smithereens by Ishii’s headbutt. Nyla Rose advanced in the TBS championship tournament. Dante Martin won his tag match with Lio Rush and continued to ignore the offer from Team Taz. And Sammy Guevara successfully defended his TNT Championship against Jay Lethal (thank God).

This Week’s Headliner:

Now, I may be biased, but Chicago is the best city in the country, and tonight we get to celebrate some hometown pride, not once, but twice!

QT Marshall is somehow both still around and still getting time on Dynamite. Thankfully, he’s simply cannon fodder this week because he’s going one-on-one with CM Punk, and there is zero chance that Punk loses to this goober in his hometown. Sometimes it’s just fun to watch a man force another man to eat his own teeth. Be on the lookout for some MJF shenanigans here too. That’s definitely the next big Punk feud we’re headed toward.

The Punk match will be fun, but the real match we’re all showing up for is Colt Cabana vs. Bryan Danielson. I’m calling myself out here, I’m a huge Cabana mark, and one of my biggest complaints about Dynamite is that there is not enough Colt Cabana on the show! So this match, a match that puts Cabana against one of the top names in the company, is super exciting, especially if you’re a big indie nerd and a fan of the Wrestling Road Diaries.

It’s obvious that Bryan Danielson is going to win. This match, after all, is a pit stop on the road to Danielson versus the World Champion Hangman Adam Page, but that doesn’t mean it won’t rule. The Dark Order are great, but as singles wrestlers, they are criminally underused. Using The Dark Order as warm-up matches to help build the feud between Danielson and Page is brilliant. I just hope they give Cabana vs. Danielson the time they deserve!

The Title Scene:

The TBS Championship tournament continues tonight with quarterfinal action when Thunder Rosa takes on Jaime Hayter. Honestly, this one could go either way. Thunder Rosa is a fan favorite and an all-around badass, but Jaime Hayter is a badass with a crew. You better believe that The World Women’s Champion Britt Baker and Rebel will do all they can to help their stablemate move on in the tournament while thwarting Britt’s old rival. Both women could benefit significantly from being crowned the first TBS champion, but it’s really anyone’s game tonight.

Are you thankful for ceaseless tag matches that feature the same people on an endless cycle of repeat? Well, boy, do I have good news for you! Tonight Cody Rhodes, PAC and The Tag Team Champions The Lucha Bros take on Malakai Black, Andrade El Ídolo & FTR. Will anything be resolved in these months-long feuds? Probably not, but at least it should be entertaining.

The TNT Champion defeated newcomer Jay Lethal last week to retain his championship. And he did it with some seriously messed up ribs! One of three things happens tonight. He either (a) gets a new challenger, (b) gets pulled into some kind of Inner Circle nonsense, or (c) he gets a god damn night off. It’s Thanksgiving this week. Give this man and his ribs a break.

Other things to keep an eye on:

-More SuperKliq vs. Jungle Express shenanigans

-Eddie Kingston being an all-around badass

-Darby Allin doing something that threatens his health while Sting watches protectively

-Miro rampaging against God

-A Happy Thanksgiving thumbs up from The Chaotic Best Friends

Tune into AEW on TNT at 8pm ET to see how all this plays out.

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