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TJP & Jeff Cobb take clean sweep of wins in war between NJPW and CMLL

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A war is brewing between CMLL and NJPW. TJP ventured down south recently but came up short in defeat. He vowed to bring friends upon his return. Jeff Cobb answered the call, and the United Empire duo went 3-0 over the weekend against CMLL competition.

Paparazzi were on hand to catch comments from TJP as he arrived at the airport in Mexico City. He is pushing this rivalry as full speed as it gets.

Cobb was ready for a suplex party.

First up was a tag bout with Volador Jr. and Atlantis Jr on Friday night. NJPW’s fellows were in the groove as Cobb stepped on Atlantis to ride as a surfboard. TJP aimed to injure Volador when he slapped on a figure-four around the ring post and shoved the physician attending to Volador’s pain. After United Empire increased their attacks to Volador’s knee, Atlantis fought valiantly to defend the honor of CMLL. It wasn’t meant to be though when Cobb flattened the luchador with a Tour of the Islands slam for victory.

Check out highlights of the match.

Afterward, Volador was taken out on a stretcher. TJP didn’t care about the angry fan reaction or injuring Volador. He isn’t leaving CMLL without winning Volador’s NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship. Volador limped back to accept the title challenge. That match is booked for Friday, November 26 (available for live streaming through TicketMaster Live).

Backstage, United Empire discussed plans to collect championships.

The United Empire continued their tour with matches on Saturday and Sunday. They defeated Terrible & Euforia and Terrible & Hechicero to complete a clean sweep. Cobb made it clear that United Empire rules the world. He enjoyed punching luchadores in the face and took satisfaction in pinning the heavyweight champ. Cobb called out Hechicero for a title match.

CMLL had been a bit stagnant during the pandemic in terms of stories. They might be on to something with the United Empire running amok. TJP and Cobb winning championships would certainly increase worldwide intrigue.

Does this war waging between CMLL and NJPW have your interest?

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