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Jake Hager isn’t wrestling UFC star Jon Jones, unless he is

Jack Swagger’s Twitter

Former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones - who pretty much everyone in mixed martial arts agrees is one of the most talented fighters in the history of the sport when he’s not mired in some form of controversy - on Saturday tweeted out that he would facing AEW wrestler and Bellator MMA fighter Jake Hager. Per Jones, the contest would take place in FURY Professional Grappling, a new promotion launched by Cage Fury Fighting Championships (where CM Punk serves as color commentator) earlier this year.

He also thought Hager was still in WWE, which perhaps should have been our first sign of trouble. Well, second, after the fact it was Jones doing the announcing on Twitter. He’s since deleted the tweet, but it read:

Breaking News!! I’m excited to announce I’ll be competing for the number one grappling organization in the world, Fury Grappling! December 9th I’ll be in New Jersey competing against WWE superstar and undefeated Bellator heavyweight Jack swagger

After Jones’ tweet started to get some traction (and after he was corrected multiple times that “he’s not WWE’s Jack Swagger any more”), Hager posted his own update:

A Fury Grappling official anonymously confirmed to our sister site MMA Fighting that a Jones vs. Hager match is planned for Dec. 9, but obviously planned and booked are two different things.

If it does end up happening, it would be a quick turnaround. But Jones hasn’t fought in almost two years, since Feb. 8, 2020. Since then, he’s been involved in a pay dispute with UFC, and in September of this year was arrested & charged with domestic battery and tampering with a vehicle following an incident in Las Vegas.

Hager’s last match was Inner Circle’s Minneapolis Street Fight against American Top Team at Full Gear. He isn’t currently booked for any other matches in AEW. His last Bellator fights were in October 2020.

Any interest in watching Hager grapple with Jones on UFC Fight Pass if they can come to terms?

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