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MLW Roundup: War Chamber airs tonight, Lucha Underground’s Catrina returns, more!

The world of MLW never sleeps. Let’s catch up on all the recent news.

MLW is hitting hard on Wednesday night’s episode of Fusion: ALPHA with the much anticipated War Chamber match. The battle lines are drawn with Alexander Hammerstone, Richard Holliday, EJ Nduka, Savio Vega, and a mystery partner against Jacob Fatu, Mads Krugger, Ikuro Kwon, and the Sentai Death Squad. It should be the final chapter in the war between MLW and Contra.

War Chamber is MLW’s version of War Games. Expect violence, carnage, and more violence. Fusion: ALPHA airs at 7 pm ET on MLW’s YouTube channel.

The big tease for Hammerstone’s mystery teammate comes courtesy of Cesar Duran (alias Dario Cueto). Duran is tired of Contra ruining matches, so he offered a helping hand even though Hammerstone doesn’t trust him. The hint was the key around Duran’s neck.

Lucha Underground fans will pick up that reference immediately and connect to the dots to Matanza, played by Jeff Cobb under the mask. That would be a heck of game changer if Cobb arrives for War Chamber.

On top of that, Duran is trying to sow inner discord among both squads for the sake of chaos. Nduka and Holliday have eyes on world title shots, while Krugger is claiming the leadership role of Contra and Samael allegedly blocked Fatu’s rematch with Hammer. Treachery and backstabbing could be afoot.

One more item of note for War Chamber. Hammerstone ditched his pants.

The obvious explanation is that Hammer’s legs are getting so large that his gear disintegrated into dust at the flex of his quad muscles.

Matanza isn’t the only Lucha Underground tease of late. Catrina returned by King Muertes’ side for a casket match to sacrifice Tom Lawlor. A cloaked person entered to Muertes’ music and revealed herself as Karlee Perez.

Instead of the magic stone, Perez used a skull as a mystical power source.

Catrina’s resurrection meant that there needed to be a sacrifice, so Lawlor was shoved into the casket on his way to free agency.

Let’s rumble through the past three MLW shows in a binge watch to set the table for War Chamber.

MLW Fusion: ALPHA episode 6:

  • Cesar Duran decided to put on a special ladder match for Thanksgiving with the vacant middleweight title up for grabs. We will be thanking him for violence. King Muertes entered looking for Duran to fulfill his end of the bargain for winning the Caribbean Championship from Richard Holliday. Duran handed over a wooden box, but there must be a sacrifice for its magic to work.
  • Opera Cup opening round: Bobby Fish defeated Lee Moriarty. Fish countered a German suplex to drop low for a grapevine heel hook.
  • EJ Nduka is in the War Chamber to make it right against Contra. Maybe Alexander Hammerstone can pay him back with a title shot.
  • Calvin Tankman doesn’t need any help from King Mo and Alex Kane. The bad guys overheard and sucker punched Tankman. Mo gouged Tankman’s eye badly. Later, he was taken to the hospital.
  • Trick or treat tips from Los Parks.
  • Duran tried to convince Mads Krugger to go after the heavyweight title instead of being a goon for Contra.
  • Willow Nightingale received a phone call from Duran and requested a match against Holidead.
  • Mads Krugger defeated Dr. Dax. Full nelson front slam for the squash. Holidead beat up Dax after his failure. Krugger grabbed the mic to call out Hammerstone with threats for violence. Budd Heavy ran out for an impromptu match and was quickly dominated as Krugger won with the same finisher.
  • Konnan and 5150 want Los Parks and tag team gold. Either Duran can make that match happen or they will sacrifice him.
  • Hammerstone wants to put a nail in Contra. Richard Holliday entered with his face wrapped and spoke in grunts. He somehow offended Alicia Atout, who then slapped him.
  • nZo is coming to MLW.
  • Opera Cup opening round: TJP defeated Alex Shelley. TJP was in trouble in a crossface submission, but he managed to counter into a roll-up and grab the ropes to secure the win.

MLW Fusion: ALPHA episode 7:

  • Duran felt the card was missing something, so he asked the fans who should be sacrificed. 5150 interrupted to demand a match with Los Parks. Los Parks answered the call and a brawl erupted. Once that was broken up, Lawlor came out demanding a title fight. Duran obliged with a casket match against King Muertes.
  • Mads Krugger claimed he was the leader of Contra. He will march his soldiers into War Chamber to destroy Alexander Hammerstone.
  • Sea Stars defeated Willow Nightingale & Zoey Skye. Holidead dragged Willow under the ring. Ashley Vox pinned Skye on a front senton off the turnbuckles.
  • Alex Kane heard Calvin Tankman is out of the Opera Cup due to injury. That benefits Kane as the tournament replacement. Later, Alicia Atout broke news that Tankman will not be missing the Opera Cup.
  • Gnarls Garvin is coming to MLW.
  • Prize Fight Challenge: Alex Kane defeated Warhorse. Competitive bout with Kane unleashing five suplexes en route to victory. Afterward, King Mo threatened to put deez nuts in Duran’s mouth if Kane doesn’t get into the Opera Cup.
  • Lawlor went over his game plan. Kevin Ku walked out of Team Filthy, since sponsorship money was getting lower and gym fees were getting higher. Lawlor was left to fend for himself.
  • Josef Samael hyped War Chamber as the real leader of Contra. He will leave MLW in ruins as Hammerstone bows down to his soldiers.
  • Hammerstone denied rumors that Duran would assist in filling out his team.
  • Richard Holliday scored a marketing campaign in Japan. Consumers will love his new Japanese candy. He offered a free sample to Atout only to find Tajiri eating all the product.
  • Duran rewarded Holidead with a money bonus for ambitious violence.
  • Caribbean Championship casket match: King Muertes defeated Tom Lawlor. Karlee Perez was a surprise by Muertes’ side. Muertes escaped a guillotine choke to slam Lawlor to hell. In the casket Lawlor went, to never be seen again?

MLW Fusion: ALPHA episode 8:

  • Alexander Hammerstone and EJ Nduka were chowing ice cream while Richard Holliday was on the phone with MJF. Cesar Duran noticed they still need team members, but Hammer doesn’t trust Duran. He convinced them by holding up his key as a hint to the wrestler’s identity.
  • Jacob Fatu was irate backstage.
  • Los Parks vs. 5150. Papa Park was missing for the trios match, but he showed up after Homicide was a surprise teammate for 5150. A badass brawl was all over the place. The referee ended up tossing out the contest.
  • Josef Samael hilariously ripped into the Philly fans with a multitude of insults. At War Chamber, there will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide for Hammerstone.
  • Los Parks and 5150 continued fighting backstage. 5150 pulled of the mask of Hijo de LA Park as the ultimate sign of disrespect.
  • 12-man elimination tag: EJ Nduka survived. Teams were Beastman, Kevin Ku, Gino Medina, KC Navarro, Ikuro Kwon, & King Mo versus Zenshi, Warhorse, Savio Vega, Blue Meanie, Richard Holliday, & Nduka. Nduka and Beastman were dominant forces piling up pinfalls. Nduka powered through to pin Beastman on a spinebuster. Holliday was counted out while brawling with Medina. That left Nduka against three opponents. Nduka went to work kicking butt to win.
  • Duran floated the idea of Willow Nightingale winning the inaugural women’s featherweight championship. She admires his work and wants to be part of it. Willow will take that title and also make that title. Duran was pleased with her confidence.
  • Fatu was in Duran’s office demanding a world title rematch against Hammer. Duran pushed the blame onto Samael not okaying the bout. Fatu wasn’t buying the sneaky games trying to turn him on Samael.
  • Opera Cup semi-finals: Davey Richards defeated Bobby Fish. Brainbuster then transition to ankle lock finished the hard-hitting contest in favor of Richards.
  • Hammerstone’s crew wondered if Duran’s brother (formerly known as Matanza) would be their mystery teammate. Holliday wasn’t pleased with rival Savio Vega being on the squad. Atout was informed that Duran granted Holliday a world title shot. The Dynasty joked about backstabbing. Hammer wasn’t concerned at these tricks heading into War Chamber. He wants those matches anyway to face the best as champ.

We’ll close with a few odds and ends. MLW announced a super card with The Crash in Tijuana on December 3. The lucha libre show will be MLW’s next TV taping. Next on the docket is Blood & Thunder in Dallas on January 21.

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