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AEW Dynamite Preview (Nov 17, 2021): Let’s Ride

All Elite Wrestling comes our way from the Chartaway Arena in Norfolk, Virginia. It’s the Full Gear fallout show! We have a new champion, a new signee, and lots of puzzle pieces to put together.

This Week’s Headliner:

HE DID IT! Everyone’s favorite cowboy is now the AEW World Champion. This story has been incredible from top to bottom, and it’s only the beginning. Kenny Omega was a great heel champion, but it’s more than time for some new blood in the championship scene. Tonight Hangman Page get’s his very own celebration. Get your earplugs out because the crowd pop is going to be deafening.

Hangman Page deserves a big celebration, but don’t be surprised if Bryan Danielson, the new number one contender, cuts it short. Hangman has a hell of a first title defense on his plate. Saddle up, Cowboy! Time to prove your worth.

The Title Scene:

Sammy Guevara and The Inner Circle won their battle with American Top Team, but a champion has to be ready to defend at all times. Tonight the TNT Championship is on the line against AEW’s newest signee, Jay Lethal. Lots of people are excited to see Jay Lethal in AEW. Not me. I hope Sammy kicks his teeth in.

Full Gear may be over, but the TBS Championship tournament is still going strong. Tonight, two former champions square off in a pivotal quarterfinal match. This is one that everyone backstage in the tournament will be watching. Both Rose and Shida are formidable opponents and are huge obstacles for all the other competitors. Hikaru Shida was able to get a victory over Nyla Rose on the Full Gear to buy in, but will she be able to pull out another win less than a week later? Not if Vicki Guerrero has anything to do with it.

The World Women’s Champion has retained her title once again, and there is no one on the horizon to take it from her. Britt Baker is the farthest thing from worried. In her own words, “there’s no one in this division left to challenge for my title that I would even remotely take seriously.” And you know what? She’s right. Most of the division is focused on the TBS Championship and the big names in the locker room have all been beaten by Britt. Time to troll Dark for new stars!

The Lucha Bros are still The Tag Team Champions. FTR are still the AAA tag team champions. This doesn’t feel over yet. Not to mention the fact that FTR beat up their bestie PAC after his win. Death Triangle doesn’t leave business unfinished.

Other things to keep an eye on:

-MJF will assuredly be gloating about his win against Darby Allin.

-Orange Cassidy has accepted his place on team CHAOS with a thumbs up. Tonight he teams with fellow CHAOS member Tomohiro Ishii against The Butcher & The Blade.

-Someone get God on the phone. Miro is about to charge into heaven and burn it to the ground.

-Everyone wants a piece of Dante Martin, and for good reason! The kid is incredible. He’s yet to give Team Taz his answer, but he gave The Acclaimed an emphatic thanks but no thanks on Saturday when he attacked them. Tonight he teams up (reluctantly) with Lio Rush to take on The Acclaimed in a tag match.

-CM Punk may have won his bloody battle with Eddie Kingston, but now he’s got a little bit of a chip on his shoulder. In a backstage segment, he dared the people in the locker room who have a problem with him to come forward because, little by little “I’m remembering who I am.” Happy Punk was fun while it lasted, but buckle up because here comes the asshole we all love! Hey, Punk’s in the name for a reason.


Tune into AEW on TNT at 8pm ET to see how all this plays out.

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