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A dentist and a black belt walk into a ring...

Women’s World Championship
Britt Baker (c) vs. Tay Conti

Tonight (Sat., Nov. 13, 2021) Britt Baker faces one of her most formidable championship challengers to date, black belt, and all-around badass Tay Conti.

The Road to Full Gear

I make fun of (and complain) about the AEW rankings system all the time because typically - especially when it comes to the women - the writers use it as a crutch to shoehorn in championship challengers with very little storytelling. Fortunately for us, this time, they used the very impressive ranking of Tay Conti to justify her challenge to Britt Baker while giving them actual screen time to forge a feud!

Tay Conti is hands down one of the most improved wrestlers in the women’s division. She has perfected her unique blend of judo and wrestling and has become one of the most dangerous women in that locker room. She’s also a crowd favorite and has the makings of an excellent babyface champion, something that is frankly almost impossible these days. She got a great look, she’s likable, she has integrity, and she kicks ass in the ring! All of those qualities make her a perfect foil for the champion.

Britt, in her own words, is a bad bitch. She’s mean, says what’s on her mind, and isn’t afraid to play dirty. She’s held the championship for a while now, and she’s more than proven herself as champion. In all honestly, she rescued that floundering division. Putting her up against Conti is a classic narrative move. It’s pure Babyface vs. Heel, Good Guy vs. Bad Guy, Hero vs. Villain storytelling. And Tay Conti is a real threat! She’s no slouch in the ring and has made it nearly impossible for Britt and her gang to run roughshod over the division over the past few weeks. She’s been a pain in Britt’s side for weeks, and now Britt gets her chance to put her in her place.

What’s at stake?

It’s pretty clear to anyone paying attention that Britt Baker is going to win this one. Tay Conti is fantastic and will definitely be champion one day, but tonight is not her night. The big question here is how does she lose? Does she lose clean to the champ, or will there be shenanigans involved?

Britt is a heel champ. She may be a great in-ring worker, but heels are never above pulling out all the stops - legal or otherwise - to get the win. The match will likely be so hard-hitting and brutal that Britt will deem it necessary to cheat. She’ll get the pin, but it will be a dirty one. In the long run, that’s great for Tay Conti. She may get kicked “to the back of the line,” but she’ll always have a reason to face the champ in her back pocket, and her wrestling dignity will remain intact.

If Britt does get a clean pin on Conti, well, it’s still a good look for Britt. Basically, tonight, no matter how it happens, Britt Baker will have a reason to celebrate.


Who will win?

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    Britt Baker
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    Tay Conti
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