NXT UK Recap & Reactions (Nov. 11, 2021): Movember Continues Una-Bate-d

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Today we get the big 4 way showdown for the #1 Contenders for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship, Mark Andrews versus Nathan Frazer, and Dani Luna takes on Stevie Turner.

Nathan Frazer versus Mark Andrews

There wasn't a huge amount of build for this one. Last week we caught up with Frazer who was watching tape on Andrews when Subculture arrived at the PC. Andrews saw what Frazer was watching and agreed to a match this week.

There was a funny moment a few minutes in where Frazer was doing his flippy stuff to evade Andrews but Andrews just followed him and jump kicked Frazer when he stopped flipping. Late in the match Frazer throws Andrews like a javelin into the turnbuckles. Shortly after this the two men are out at ringside and Frazer tries to Irish whip Andrews into the steps. Andrews counters by jumping up onto the steps and taking out Frazer with a moonsault. Frazer is tossed back in the ring and Andrews loads up for some sort of aerial off the ropes but Frazer recovers and executes a springboard Spanish fly on Andrews for a near fall! The ending for this one looked a little screwy as Andrews countered a roll up by Frazer into his own cover for the pin fall.

Apart from the ending this was a pretty darn good match. There were loads of quality spots that I didn't highlight above and both men were very smooth and fast in their maneuvers. This isn't quite a PPV level match but both these guys brought it and put on a hell of a show. It's definitely worth a watch.

This Week's Promos

Rampage Brown has a message for Ilja Dragunov: This was a good hype video recapping what happened last week between these two men.

Gradwell and A-Kid: Just go watch this as it is comedy gold. I do agree with Gradwell that it's only funny when he calls people Yogurt. This match is scheduled for next week.

Pretty Deadly try out for Magic Mike Live: This one was a big miss for me.

Kenny Williams is scum: A camera crew catches up to Williams who is randomly vandalizing a wall at the PC with "Sha Samuels is a..." but Williams gets annoyed at Saxon Huxley who's tearing things up nearby. Looks like we're headed for a match between these two. This was also a miss for me -- Williams needs something new.

The Nina Samuels's Show: These continue to be fun. Isla Dawn brushes past Samuels who then launches into a tirade about rude people and calls Aleah James a "whore." James, who's in the corridor the whole time, takes exception to this (as she should!) and challenges Samuels to a match.

Gallus roadtrip: We find Gallus driving around talking trash about Teoman and his "family." They say it's time to show them why it's GBOT. Weirdly this ends with them trying to outrun the police. This is confirmed to be next week.

Dani Luna versus Stevie Turner

I've got to say that I like Turner's new look. This match came about from Turner's trash talk backstage last week.

Early in Turner is silly enough to get into a test of strength with Luna. Yeah that's really thinking 4d. Turner hits an impressive looking standing side slam on the much larger Luna. In the end however Luna's strength was just too much as she scores the pin fall victory!

After Luna's victory over Turner we see Subculture celebrating backstage. Blair Davenport, who is standing nearby, tells them not to get too excited because she's going to send them right back down to the bottom. Looks like Davenport versus Luna is on the horizon.

Carter/Smith versus Starz/Mastiff versus Symbiosis versus Mustache Mountain -- Tag Team #1 Contender's Match

This one's been building for a while and there's a lot going on. Seven has been trying to position Mustache Mountain for a rematch after losing to Pretty Deadly back in August. He spoke ill of Smith and Carter while the three were having a conversation which led to Mustache Mountain versus Smith/Carter. During that match Symbiosis interfered which brought out Starz and Mastiff. Because of all that a Triple Threat was booked between those teams but when Pretty Deadly cost Bate the Heritage Cup Seven was able to get Mustache Mountain inserted in this one. Phew.

Early in Eddie Dennis gets himself tossed from ringside due to interference. T-Bone goes nuts after this and actually lifts up and suplexes Dave Mastiff! Carter and Smith had a cool double team on T-Bone a little later when T-Bone grabs Carter's attempted kick and throws his leg at Smith. Smith catches Carter's leg and uses it to send Carter into a reverse flip axe kick. Three of the men were brawling at ringside when Seven climbed to the top turnbuckle. Smith intercepted Seven and appeared to be getting ready to throw Seven onto the men outside when T-Bone pushed Seven onto them and then superplexed Smith. Primate then goes to the top turnbuckle to wipe out everyone at ringside.

Oh My God! The Big Strong Boy had Primate in the UFO spin when Starz tried to break it up. But Bate was able to knock Starz down with Primate still on his shoulders and then spins both men at the same time! Caesaro you just got served!

Mastiff destroyed Bate with a senton splash while Bate had Primate in a bridge cover. Smith hoisted Mastiff up on his shoulders for Carter to hit a springboard cutter. In the end Mustache Mountain wins it with an assisted Burning Hammer for Bate to pin Primate. Afterwards Pretty Deadly come out for the contractually mandated stare down and trash talking.

As far as these sorts of things go this was an incredible match. I'm sounding like a broken record but this is worth a watch. Everyone had amazing spots and the ending didn't actually feel inevitable.

Overall: A

Reminder/Introduction: A+ is near perfect, B+ is an above average show, C+ is average, and anything less than that is not good.

This was a really good show. Both the under card matches were really good easily earning B+'s by themselves but that main event was something else.

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