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MLW Fusion ALPHA recap: Jacob Fatu crushes Matt Cross prior to Vice TV title fight

MLW will be rocking the electromagnetic waves hard Thursday night (Oct. 7) with their Fightland special on Vice TV at 10 pm ET. World heavyweight champ Jacob Fatu will enter the ring for the long-awaited hoss fight with national champ Alexander Hammerstone in title versus title. Also on the card, Tajiri will be making his MLW debut trying to claim the middleweight title from Myron Reed in a four-way with luchadores Aramis and Arez. There might even be an appearance from MLW matchmaker Cesar Duran (alias Dario Cueto).

Before that primo action, there was the matter of Fusion: ALPHA episode 3. Fatu needed to ram through the roadblock known as Matt Cross (aka Son of Havoc), Konnan’s newest version of LAX rumbled with Injustice, and the women’s featherweight division saw Ashley Vox wrestle Willow Nightingale.

Let’s break it all down.

Alexander Hammerstone was denied entry into the venue. It should be pointed out that Hammer was roaming the streets shirtless. Only in wrestling does that not seem weird.

Danny Rivera & Slice Boogie defeated Myron Reed & Jordan Oliver. Konnan was ringside for strategy, and Dr. Julius Smokes was there for physical interference. Reed lit the ring on fire during a hot tag comeback to set up Injustice hitting a teamwork powerbomb to Rivera.

Boogie made the break-up to turn the tide. Boogie took out Reed with a spear. Smokes used a slapjack to whack Oliver, so Rivera could pick up the pin.

After the match, Reed flapped his gums. Smokes spit in Reed’s face and more fisticuffs broke out. Officials separated the wrestlers, then 5150 turned their attention to beating up a referee.

The Sea Stars sisters were excited about coming to MLW and making opportunities happen. Willow Nightingale was full of positivity and hugged Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo. Brittany Blake entered the scene as a sourpuss.

Daivari spoke in his native language, so I don’t know what he said. Hammerstone attacked! Mads Krugger threw punches. The feed cut out.

Bobby Fish is coming soon.

Willow Nightingale defeated Ashley Vox. The power babe controlled the pace, while Vox worked escapes and counters. Nightingale impressed with Three Amigos and the third being a bridging Northern Lights suplex. Vox rallied for a rope-bouncing hurricanrana then a suicide dive. Nightingale regained control with a cartwheel kick.

Nightingale followed up with a heavy spinebuster and a somersault senton. Nightingale went high risk but missed the moonsault. Vox pounced for a ripcord clothesline, however, that couldn’t keep the power babe down. Nightingale closed with a head kick and a gutwrench sitdown powerbomb to win with a smile.

The camera caught more brawling between Hammer and Krugger backstage.

Davey Richards was interrupted by TJP, who popped a sucker punch. Officials broke up the skirmish.

Even more rumbling between Hammerman and Krugger.

News broke that the Fightland Vice TV title versus title fight between Fatu and Hammerstone will be no DQ, per the orders of Duran.

5051 discussed herbal medication as Smokes pulled out a rock from the slapjack sock. They want tag team gold from Los Parks. The scene closed by implying Boogie forcibly took the cameraman’s sneakers.

Josef Samael had a message for Hammerstone. Everyone assumed Hammer outsmarted Contra by winning Battle Riot III to earn a title shot. Samael proposed that he actually outsmarted Hammerstone and MLW. Going to war with Fatu is a suicide mission. What will happen to MLW’s heart when their biggest hope fails? Fatu will deliver a massacre on national television.

The fracas with Hammerstone and Krugger was finally broken up by officials.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Jacob Fatu retained against Matt Cross. Josef Samael was ringside. Cross went on the attack early with a pump kick and a suicide dive. Back and forth exchanges on the floor led to a a flagpole elbow drop from Cross.

Back in the ring, Fatu pounded away. Cross scored a standing moonsault, but Fatu was back on top after a thrust kick and a handspring moonsault. Cross rallied for a flying double stomp then he rammed Samael on a suicide dive. Fatu gave chase with a twisting plancha to the outside.

Down the stretch, Cross surprised Fatu with a cutter. Cross went up top for a shooting star press, however, Fatu dodged the impact. Cross landed on his feet then ran into a crushing clothesline. A springboard moonsault ended Cross’ title aspirations on this evening as Fatu earned the three count.

Afterward, Contra goons loaded Cross into a body bag. As they took him outside, stop! Hammer time. Break it down. Oh, oh, oh. The show closed with Hammerman throwing more blows at Contra soldiers.

Jacob Fatu is full steam ahead toward the Fightland special on Vice TV Thursday night at 10 pm ET. Matt Cross fought hard, but Fatu is on another level. I appreciate that Fatu won clean. That shows he is peaking at top performance ready for Alexander Hammerstone. In contrast, Hammer was a wild man. He needs to be careful not to let emotion get the best of him during the big fight.

The tag team opener went as expected with hard-hitting, creative athleticism. 5150 snookered the win, so this feud is far from over. That’s good, because I want to see many more matchups between these factions in the future. Injustice needs a bruiser to even the playing field.

The women stepped up and delivered. Willow Nightingale has infectious energy and smooth moves. Ashley Vox was feisty. The fish hook is a nice touch relating to the Sea Stars name, but I thought fish hooking was illegal. I need to consult the referee rule book, if one actually exists.

My favorite part of the show was Josef Samael’s promo. That man is a master of psychology. I don’t believe making Hammerstone earn the title fight was their master plan, but Samael twisted it nicely to make a valid point about crushing hope.

Share your reaction to Fusion: ALPHA. Who were the standouts to your eye?

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