NXT UK Recap & Reactions (Oct. 28, 2021): Cup Controversy

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Some important lessons were learned last week about how things work with NXT UK when the Saudi show is happening. Hopefully next year when we have two of them I'll be a little more ready for a one hour overrun messing things up.

This week we have the big Heritage Cup championship match between Noam Dar and Tyler Bate, Rohan Raja and Mark Coffey fight for the honor of their two families, Charlie Dempsey against Danny Jones, and the debut of Myla Grace against the French Hope Amale.

Mark Coffey versus Rohan Raja

This one comes about as a result of the backstage brawl between the two families last week. Teoman's looking at expanding his family while the Gallus boys are just looking for a good scrap.

Early on it really looks like Raja is adopting some of Teoman's style -- nasty looking submissions and and even nastier disposition. It's a marked difference between his first two matches versus Teoman and Nathan Frazier. Despite being dominated for long stretches of this match he manages a pin fall victory in the end after a couple of big running elbows to Raja's face.

Raja looked pretty strong in this one despite the loss. Afterwards Teoman and Raja attack Gallus from behind until the zebras come and pull them off. Teoman gives them the evil eye as he leaves ringside.

This Week's Promos

Triple Threat Tag Team Contenders Match: Via video package we have Sid Scala announcing that in 2 weeks we will have a triple threat match between Symbiosis, Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith, and Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz to determine who will go on to challenge Pretty Deadly for the Tag Team Championship. Personally I'm hoping for Carter/Smith but given the recent push I suspect Starz/Mastiff are the likely victors.

Charlie Dempsey backstage: He's being interviewed prior to his match when Gallus interrupt looking for Teoman. Dempsey expresses some irritation that that's twice now that the Gallus/Teoman feud has interrupted his interviews. Could we get a Dempsey versus Gallus match in the near future? I sure hope so because Charlie son of William looked amazing in his debut.

Aleah James: she was being interviewed in front of the NXT UK backdrop at the PC when Nina Samuels barges in for her show. Samuels takes a dig at James's height which angers James who storms off.

Rampage Brown doesn't mess around: Flash Morgan and Dani Luna are backstage at the PC and Luna's asking Flash if he's sure he doesn't want to wait for Mark Andrews to do this. Flash says he's ready and storms into the "male performers" locker room (pretty sure it's been Jinny's private locker room and also the one that Huxley was destroying) where Rampage Brown is getting ready for the ring. Rampage warns him that he knows what he's doing and not to do it but Flash winds up and tries anyway. Rampage blocks the slap and slams Flash against the wall and says "if you want a match all you have to do is ask" and then walks off. Flash seems pleased with the outcome.

Meiko Satomura versus Jinny: We get a video package for the Championship match these two are having next week. Jinny says that for 20 years Satomura has proven she's the Final Boss but 20 years is a long time and she's become frail. Satomura says she's dangerous and as the Final Boss she will beat the Queen.

Isla Dawn's ritual: This is a fun, creepy little video package of Dawn doing witchy things. Too bad Raw didn't do stuff like this with Fiend Alexa.

Myla Grace versus Amale

This is Grace's debut and we're told she has a background in "street dance." She at least got an entrance so probably not a full on squash but I have to figure she'll be asked to do the job for the French Hope here.

Blair Davenport came out to ringside to watch these two. Amale lands a Hope Breaker to get the pin fall victory. It looks like Davenport and Amale will square up sooner rather than later. Grace didn't have a long time to work in this one but was adequate in her debut.

Danny Jones versus Charlie Dempsey

This is a straightforward enhancement match similar to Grace versus Amale. Dempsey continues to look absolutely phenomenal in the ring. This had loads of good technical wrestling that looked very impressive. In the end he won it by submission via cross face chicken wing after a series of chicken wing suplexes with float overs.

Noam Dar versus Tyler Bate - Heritage Cup Championship match

Noam Dar earned this one by winning the #1 Contender's Tournament so let's see how he does here.

Round 1: This one follows the Heritage Cup formula of being a slow start. No decision. Round 2: Dar has to flee to the ropes to get out of some holds and submissions from Bate to start this one. The pace begins to pick up in the last minute of this one leading to Bate spinning Dar on his shoulders. This one ends with a simultaneous clothesline then a big test of strength as the bell rings. No decision. Round 3: Dar comes charging out in this one with a blistering pace. He works Bate to ringside where he Irish whips the champion into the stairs. This allows Dar to toss him back in the ring, connect with a superkick, and score a pin fall within the first minute of the round. Dar leads 1-0.

Round 4: Dar comes out quickly again looking to press his advantage but then strangely slows things down and spends time taunting the crowd. Bate is really selling an injured knee off of that whip into the stairs. After Bate gets The Becoming on Dar we get a nice sequence of moves and counter moves before Bate finally lands a Tyler Driver to score a pin fall. Tied 1-1. Round 5: Bate nearly has Dar in the burning hammer but Samuels distracts the referee and Bate allowing Dar to escape and flatten the champ. In the end the bell rings with both men in leg locks punching each other. Still tied 1-1.

Round 6: The Big Strong Boy is able to counter Dar as he goes to the top turnbuckle for an aerial. The suplex leads to Dar fleeing the ring. Bate hits him with a suicide dive and then tosses him back in the ring. But Samuels is there to rescue the Supernova by pulling him out of the ring and eats a double suicide dive for his troubles. Pretty Deadly come out with less than minute left which distracts Bate allowing Dar to lock in a submission. While this is happening Pretty Deadly grabs the towel from Seven's belt and throw it in the ring. The referee sees this and asks if Seven threw it in and stupidly believes Pretty Deadly when they point at Seven. Dar scores the submission fall. Dar wins 2-1.

Uh wow. Okay so this probably isn't over between Bate and Dar for the Heritage Cup and this also helps to further the budding feud between Mustache Mountain and Pretty Deadly. Given the Triple Threat Tag Match is in 2 weeks Pretty Deadly are probably busy for the next month or so so I think this means we'll get a rematch between Dar and Bate first.

Overall: B

Reminder/Introduction: A+ is a near perfect show, B+ is a good show, C+ is an average show, and anything below that is not good.

Dempsey continues to impress, Amale scored a victory while making Grace look good, and Raja and Mark Coffey put on a decent opening match. The main event featured two good wrestlers that I really like but I wasn't feeling the chemistry between the two. Maybe because they knew the ending was going to be so screwy? It's definitely not what I was expecting.

Well Cagesiders let the rest of us know how you felt about this one in the comments below.

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