The Nightly: October 27th, 2021

Hello Nightly!!!


Rockabilly vs. Ahmed Johnson:

Alright match, though the finish made Ahmed look dumb.

Vader vs. Goldust:

Alright match.

Crush in a Gauntlet match:

Crush beat two jobbers one after another, then a disguised Ahmed Johnson beat Crush.

Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon vs. Legion Of Doom:

Decent match, though LaFon and Furnas beating LOD right before they were meant to have a title match at a PPV certainly was a choice, though the match ended up being a dark match.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. British Bulldog:

Decent match.


Hugh Morrus and Konnan vs. Public Enemy:

Alright opener.

Syxx vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship:

Really short match, JJ Dillon comes out and Syxx and Nash constantly reference WWF.

Lord Steven Regal vs. Meng:

Not much of a match.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Alex Wright:

Alright match.

Glacier vs. Lizmark Jr.:

Alright match, it had another post match beat down by Mortis and Wrath.

Overall, Raw was a much better show than Nitro. Nitro was the definition of a filler episode.

On to the Nightly.

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