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The Undertaker just happens to be in Saudi Arabia this week

Introducing Pitbull at a concert in Riyadh tonight. Probably just a coincidence that Crown Jewel is tomorrow, right?

Undertaker has worked all but one of WWE’s shows in Saudi Arabia (he skipped 2019’s Crown Jewel). Seeing as his retirement was heavily promoted last year, including a big send-off at Survivor Series, the event happening in Riyadh tomorrow (Oct. 21) figured to be the second.

And it very well may be. But Mark Callaway just happens to be in Riyadh, and he’s got his Dead Man get-up with him.

How do we know? Because he introduced music superstar (and the creator of WrestleMania 33 earworm “Greenlight”) Pitbull at his concert there today...

Taker’s stuck to his guns when answering questions about another match, saying he wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone who was expecting to see him deliver the kind of performance he was capable when he was younger. And when he says things like that, I think he’s specifically talking about ones like the ones he’s delivered on WWE’s past trips to the KSA.

So if he’s doing anything Crown Jewel-related, my money would be on a non-wrestling segment. Or he’ll never appear in Mohammed Abdu Arena on the Boulevard, instead doing off-camera meet & greets or other public relations for WWE and their partners in the country... like introducing Pitball at a concert to kickoff the Riyadh Season reportedly attended by a quarter million people.

We’ll find out tomorrow.

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