Did WWE Drop the Ball on the Confusing Women's Title Situation?

I watched Monday Night Raw last night, not expecting a title change. I didn't expect Bianca Belair to go over in her match against Charlotte Flair, although that would have provided a simple solution to getting the show's championship title off a superstar who, this week, will be officially moving to SmackDown.

The way it breaks down is like this: Charlotte Flair is the Raw Women's Champion, and as of Friday, she will no longer be a Raw superstar. Becky Lynch is the SmackDown Women's Champion, and, like her counterpart, as of this weekend will no longer be on the brand where she currently holds their top women's prize. Bianca Belair is going from SmackDown to Raw and Sasha Banks is remaining on SmackDown.

And Thursday, a SmackDown Women's Championship Match will take place at Crown Jewel, a Triple Threat with Becky Lynch defending her title against both Bianca and Sasha. So, if you're keeping track, the match for the SmackDown belt will be contested in a battle wherein two of the three competitors won't even be on that show the next day. Oh yeah, and also, the Raw Women's Champion will be showing up with the other brand's belt.

Confused yet? Wondering how are we here? Questioning how WWE books themselves into these conundrums? Welcome to Sports Entertainment Fandom 101.

The idea that I had thought would be pretty cool going into last night's Raw, was that somehow we'd find ourselves with WWE Officials Adam Pearce and Sonya DeVille making an announcement that the match at Crown Jewel would now become a Fatal 4-Way and both titles would be on the line: 2 Falls, winner of the first fall gets the Raw championship, winner of the 2nd fall gets the SmackDown belt. That would have been an interesting way to settle the issue and give two of the four superstars a chance to competitively win the title of the show they're going to be on.

Furthermore, I kind of thought that's where we were heading. For the past few weeks, this angle hasn't really been just about Bianca and Becky and Sasha. It's been about all four of these women. They've all gone to each other's shows, interfered in each other's matches, had issues in tag team contests . . . the set up was sort of perfect for this scenario. (In fact, if it was Bayley instead of Bianca in a similar storyline, it would feel like a build up to a Four Horsewomen main event at WrestleMania.)

The final segment of last night's show even worked towards the concept when Charlotte brought out the chairs and Bianca gave her a taste of her own medicine. That beatdown raises the stakes.

But then the show ended. I was hoping to hear some authority figure, troubled and frustrated by the goings on, come out and say, "Alright, enough! You want to settle all this, Charlotte Flair is now added to the match at Crown Jewel and both titles will be on the line!' And then we'd get a rules explanation at some point before the event.

Maybe there's a chance that still happens. Maybe we tune in to Peacock or WWE Network, depending where you're at, and they lead off with an announcement that this is the new scenario. I hope it does happen that way. Because, otherwise, the Raw Women's Champion shows up on SmackDown Friday and, unless Sasha wins the Triple Threat match, the SmackDown champ is going to Raw on Monday.

And then what? Do we have another ridiculous situation like last year when The New Day and The Street Profits both found themselves champions on shows they weren't the champions of? And then, backstage, just swapped belts? Nobody wants that.

I'd really like to see this Women's Championship scenario play out the way I'd suggested. It would be a new, interesting twist. It would be a heck of a match with these four talents. And a two falls match for different titles would be something we've not seen lately. And when it comes to WWE viewing, something we haven't seen lately would be extraordinarily refreshing. Because if there's one thing WWE is too good at, it's doing the same old thing far too frequently.

Sadly, another thing they seem to be good at now is blindfolding themselves and playing Pin the Tail On the Storyline. And what results is something that makes no sense, being randomly thrown together, as if they never saw where they were going.

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