The Nightly: October 13th, 2021

Hello Nightly!!!


Headbangers vs. Owen Hart and British Bulldog for the WWF World Tag Team Championships:

This match was more of an angle to set up a European title rematch between Owen and Bulldog the following week.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Bart Gunn:

Alright match.

Venum, Super Nova, and Discovery vs. Hysteria, Maniaco, and Abysmo Negro:

Fun six man tag.

Flash Funk vs. Brooklyn Brawler:

Decent squash match.

Rocky Maivia vs. Leif Cassidy:

Mainly an angle to set up Rocky/Bret for next week’s Raw.

Ahmed Johnson vs. Savio Vega:

Okay match.

The show ended with a Taker promo where Paul Bearer begs Undertaker to take him back, though this angle was pretty rushed and doesn’t even have a proper ending. In the middle of Raw was a long ass Bret heel promo that got interrupted by HBK. It’s not one of Bret’s better heel promos, it was quite boring. He’ll have a much better promo next week.


Dean Malenko vs. Konnan for the WCW United States Championship:

Solid opener.

Mortis vs. Jerry Flynn:

We finally get to see Mortis on Nitro!

La Parka vs. Juventud Guerrera:

La Parka finally won a damn match on Nitro. He also had some pretty sweet entrance attire.

High Voltage vs. Public Enemy:

High Voltage would win thanks to a Four Horsemen Halliburton shot.

Psychosis vs. Super Calo:

Decent match.

Hugh Morrus vs. Chris Benoit:

Flair would show up to fight off the Dungeon Of Doom, which I can’t believe was still a thing in Spring 1997.

Madusa vs. Malia Hosaka:

Pretty sloppy match.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Renegade:

Short match.

Harlem Heat vs. Faces Of Fear:

Pretty good match.

Steiner Bros vs. Amazing French Canadians:

Decent match.

Randy Savage vs. Prince Iaukea for the WCW World Television Championship:

Not much of a match, as DDP would interfere.

Overall, I would say that Raw was a better paced show than Nitro.

On to the Nightly.

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