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A very useful photo of Kevin Owens

I have no problem thinking of scenarios where I’ll use this pic of KO from WWE’s house show in Fresno this past Saturday night (Oct. 9). Honestly, it’s harder for me to think of situations I encounter - on Al Gore’s internet and IRL - where it wouldn’t match my reaction.

Not that an explanation was needed (again, who doesn’t feel like leaning forehead first into the nearest padded object like nine or ten times a day?) but Kevin Owens gave us one anyway:

“So what happened was, Damian Priest issued an open challenge on Saturday and I answered it. I was excited about possibly becoming U.S. Champion for the 4th time but just as the match was set to begin, the very annoying Seth Rollins interrupted us, hence the reaction you see here.”

And it wasn’t just a normal Rollins interruption. It was a DRIP GOD interruption...

That’s actually a better reason to facepalm than my day-to-day frustrations.

Oh well. Thanks Kev.

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