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AAA Héroes Inmortales XIV results: Pimpinela Escarlata wins La Copa Antonio Peña

AAA held one of their major events in Héroes Inmortales XIV last night (Oct. 10, 2021). Pimpinela Escarlata won a cherished prize, a dream trios match erupted, and good clowns couldn’t trust an evil clown leading to a loss in the steel cage main event.

La Copa Antonio Peña

Three cheers for Pimpinela Escarlata. The exotico won La Copa Antonio Peña. The special trophy is earned to honor the founder of AAA.

La Copa Antonio Peña has had different rules over the years. There have been tournaments, gauntlets, torneos ciberneticos, elimination matches, lumberjack matches, battle royals, and Royal Rumbles. This time around, a new set of rules was utilized. To be honest, I’m not even sure if I fully understood them. No worries. That’s the charm of AAA.

As best as I can comprehend, all nine competitors were ringside from the beginning. A random lottery determined the first four to enter the ring. Only four could legally participate at a time. Luchadores would switch in after elimination or if a wrestler rolled out of the ring. Eliminations were over-the-top, pinfall, or submission. The lineup included Toxin, Argenis, Mamba, Pimpinela Escarlata, Arez, Keyra, Sexy Star (new luchadora under the mask), Aerostar, and Villano III Jr.

Notable moments included Super Fly and La Parka Negra attacking Aerostar. The spaceman retaliated with a springboard bombita.

Myzteziz Jr. interfered to attack Argenis. Their feud is about family honor. Argenis is brothers with the current Mistico in CMLL. That luchador went from Mistico to Sin Cara to Myzteziz to Caristico back to Mistico. Argenis is angry that the Myzteziz mask is in usage, so they brawled.

It wouldn’t be lucha libre without a self-elimination. Toxin filled that role by launching for a tope con hilo to the outside. To make certain he was gone, Mamba pinned him on a powerbomb.

Octagon Jr. had been on commentary, and he decided to taunt Villano II Jr. from ringside. They brawled as well.

Sexy Star had the breakout role. She eliminated Aerostar and Argenis during their moments of distraction. Sexy Star was all over the place with high impact moves. She also hit a One Winged Angel to pin Keyra.

The final two came down to exotico rivals Pimpinela Escarlata and Mamba. After exchanging close call pinfalls, Mamba nailed a fireman’s carry front slam. Mamba’s mistake was his attraction to the limelight. As Mamba posed on the turnbuckles for a crowd reaction, Pimpi popped up to rip a superplex. A running senton ended the bout in Pimpinela’s favor. Viva, la Pimpi!

Trios dream match

One dream match for lucha libre that I’ve been yearning for over the past few years is Poder del Norte versus La Nueva Generacion Dinamita. When Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero jumped ship from CMLL, dreams became a reality.

NGD dominated early by controlling the ring for 3-on-1 beatdowns. Poder del Norte turned the tide with evasive actions to split up NGD. They set up Sanson on their shoulders for a suicide dive into a wooden slab.

Back in the ring, Poder del Norte executed a catapult into a chair shot.

Poder del Norte had momentum for a triple pin. Mocho Cota Jr. slammed Sanson on an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Tito Santana cracked Cuatrero with Codebreaker. Carta Brava Jr. landed a flying double knees to Forastero. NGD was able to kick out across the board.

Down the stretch, Las Dinamita isolated Brava to take control. Sanson took out Cota and Santana with a flying crossbody to the outside. Cuatrero and Forastero used a catapult cannonball on Brava to secure the win.

More fisticuffs erupted immediately after the bell. The dueling parties only separated due to exhaustion. This feud has much more to give.

The start of the bout was a bit laborious with 3-on-1 dominance, but NGD did provide cool teamwork moves during that part. Once it became competitive, the contest was a delight with enough drama to warrant desire for a rematch.

Lucha Bros put on a show then meet surprise challengers

In the semi-main, the Lucha Bros retained the AAA tag titles in a thrilling affair against Laredo Kid and Hijo del Vikingo. (Full details here.) Fenix and Pentagon persevered to win with a teamwork piledriver. The one earned match of the night honors. Afterward, Dragon Lee and Dralistico came to the ring to issue a challenge. That was a huge surprise.

Clowns fight for AAA’s honor inside a steel cage

The original tecnico trio was supposed to be the Psycho Circus combination of Psycho Clown, Murder Clown, and Monster Clown. La Empresa forced a change by attacking Monster Clown in the trainer’s room. They bloodied the clown and forced him out of action.

That left Psycho Clown and Murder Clown scrambling for a replacement. Good thing that there is no shortage of clowns in AAA. Dave the Clown volunteered to represent AAA against the invading faction La Empresa. Psycho and Murder did not trust Dave and respectfully declined.

When it came time for the cage match main event, Psycho Circus was outnumbered 4-on-2. La Empresa also had Estrellita on their side. She got involved with a flying crossbody off the top off the cage down into the ring.

Puma King, DMT Azul, and Sam Adonis pummeled Psycho Clown and Murder Clown by swinging chairs, slamming bodies through tables, and ripping masks. It was a massacre. That was until Dave the Clown ran out to join the match. Psycho Circus rallied. They were now in control to rip masks and swing chairs.

The match progressed into an even fight. One of the top spots was a double tower of doom through makeshift tables.

Murder Clown was first to escape the cage. Psycho Clown was next. I’ve always felt that the escape stipulation was backward logic. This proved it. Dave was left alone against La Empresa, and they beat him to a pulp.

Adonis was third out. He smashed Psycho and Murder with a chair. DMT Azul and Puma King had one more trick up their sleeve. They handcuffed Dave to the corner, so they could escape with ease. Victory went to La Empresa.

After Psycho Clown had time to contemplate, he admitted his error in denying Dave the opportunity. Psycho was worried about betrayal, but Dave proved his good intentions. La Empresa is going to fall.

As ramshackle as the main event recap sounds, it actually was pretty entertaining. The violence fit for the feud, and there were plenty of popping spots throughout.

The show closed with a tease for Cain Velasquez to return in December. Yip yip!

The live airing of Héroes Inmortales XIV only had four televised bouts with the rest taped for a future broadcast.

What’s your take on Héroes Inmortales XIV?

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